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Gateway: SpirentWebPM: Why do I get "Unable to establish eScout session" error when attempt to view Alarms or Performance?

SpirentWebPM - all version
Full error message is: "Unable to establish eScout session, User Authentication Error"

This error typically happens because of IE security setting using the Internet zone instead of Local Intranet or Trusted Sites zone.
To verify:
1) Log in to SpirentWebPM application via IE.
2) Open Tools - Internet Options.
3) Click the Security tab.  If the Internet zone is highlighted, the site is using the Internet zone.  You want it to be using the Local Intranet or Trusted Sites zone as the security of the Internet zone is preventing Java from starting.

To resolve:
1) In the Internet Options - Security tab, click the Trusted Sites zone and then the "Sites" button.
2) Click "Add" and add the hostname or IP address that is being used in the URL to login to SpirentWebPM.  For example: if URL is:  http://myhost:7076/WebTestPortal, add http://myhost.  If url is:, add

Product : VW Controller PM Classic,TEST PORTAL,Gateway