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Positioning Application, SimGEN: How can I output RINEX data during the scenario run?

  • PosApp version v6.00 onward
    • SimGEN
    • SimREPLAYplus
  • Constellations:
    • GPS
    • Galileo
    • BeiDou
  1. In the scenario tree, enable “RINEX output file
  2. Right-click on “RINEX output file” and select "Edit"
  3. In the window which appears, specify:
    1. The rate (frequency) at which the date will be logged to file
    2. The preferred unit of signal strength
    3. The parameters you want to record in the RINEX output file
  4. Click "OK"

As the scenario runs, the chosen data will be written to the file "rinex-obs_V1_A1-static vehicle.txt" at the following location ..\<scenario name>\rinex_obs\

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimGEN,PosApp,Positioning