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how to fix issue: LS didn't respond ping request or replied ping for just once

Landslide simulated client
DUT or user was initiating ping to landslide.
In case there was a  real device pinging the LS simulated UE and landslide was configured with our default basic_ping DMF,LS has limitation to respond the ping request message from real device, as usually the "basic_ping" DMF inside landslide is customized by spirent and we would insert a special sequence number into the payload of ping request and reply message. so such DMF is supposed to work only for case of landslide simulating both client and server.
however, the  real ping request from real device would not have this specific sequence number in payload, that's the reason our LS responded the first ping request only, as it would have problem with handling the internal seq number when accumulating the seq number extracted from the first ping and second ping request.
you can simply fix this problem by removing the ping DMF and replace it by any other DMF like UDP.
without ping DMF configured, LS would not try to extract the internal seq number so it won't have problem with handling incoming ping request from real device.

Product : Landslide