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What are the details of the Spirent name changes for STCLive, and Lumos to VisionWorks and Dialogs to Test Strategies?

  • Spirent has changed the names of STCLive / Lumos products to VisionWorks. 
  • Spirent has also changed the name of Dialogs to Test Strategies.
  • As a result, the Product filters for the Knowledge Base have been updated to reflect the name changes below. We appreciate your understanding as we complete this transition. Please note that your searches will work with old or new names.
Here are the specific changes:
STC Live PM à VW Controller: PM Classic
STC Live Probe à VisionWorks Probe
STC Live T&D à VW Controller: T&D Classic
Also changing, unrelated to the VisionWorks re branding:
Dialogs à Test Strategies
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Product : VW Controller Virtual,VW Controller PM Classic,VW Controller T&D Classic,Test Strategies