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Spirent TestCenter: Why doesn't the Session Manager see the virtual Lab Server upgrade file?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • virtual Lab Server (vLS) for ESXi hypervisors
    • v5.04 and higher
Here is the vLS upgrade file for ESXi vLSs. When you hover over the download icon, it shows that the file has a .tar.xz extension.
But, starting with STC 5.04, when you download the file, it is saved with the .tar.tar extension.
If you try to use this file to upgrade your vLS, the Session Manager will not recognize it.
So you mush change the extension to .tar.xz and the you will be able to upgrade your vLS.
Note: Also, sometimes Windows Explorer hides the filename extension. So to make sure you are renaming it accurately, please configure Windows Exlporer to not hide file name extensions.

Product : LabServer,STC Virtual,Spirent TestCenter,Virtualization