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Spirent TestCenter: How can I identify Spirent TestCenter Exception Logs from Diagnostics Report using the file name?


There could be a situation when you will need to tell a diagnostic report and exception log report apart, maybe to go straight to the exception logs to determine the root cause of a crash, or go to a diagnostic report instead, so it would be good to know how to tell them apart.
  • Spirent TestCenter all versions
  • Exception Logs
  • Diagnostics Report

enlightenedStarting in 5.26 release (October 2021) each file name includes an identifier to make them apart:

Before 5.26 release, whenever some exception logs are generated automatically (due to a GUI crash) or when you generate manually a Diagnostic Report using the STC GUI, a .zip file is generated respectively under C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\Documents\SPIRENT\TestCenter X.XX\ path, under Diagnostic Report / Exception Logs respectively.

Up to the 5.25 release, there is no easy way to tell them apart, since both files (exception and diagnostic report) have exactly the same "nomenclature" on the file name

Nomenclature for both are like this:

So you may need to go through the files to see whether if there is a FATAL message log that usually indicates the GUI crashed and exited, so that could indicate that is the exception logs (but not always)

Product : Spirent TestCenter