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Attero: How do you upgrade an Attero 100G (A100) instrument?

  • Attero 100G (A100G)
  • Go to Spirent's CSC download web site, and set the filters as below, to download the newest firmware version:
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  • Copy the ISO image on to a USB stick.
The A100G software is delivered as an ISO (disk image). To upgrade the instrument, this ISO file must be written to a USB stick as an image. To do this, you will need to install an application capable of writing ISO images to USB. One such application is Win32DiskImager. This can be downloaded from Sourceforge.
Once you have your application installed, run it. You should then load the A100G ISO. Using Win32DiskImager:
  • Select the folder icon next to the “Image File” field.
  • In the “Select a disk image” dialog, select the *.* file filter
  • Locate and open the A100G software package installer ISO
The ISO should then be written to your USB stick:
Select “Write”.
  • Perform the Upgrade
The A100G should be powered on BEFORE you insert the USB stick. In addition, it is not possible to upgrade unless the box is idle – be sure to stop all generation and capture.
  • Click System in the menus on the top right of the User Interface.
  • Click Setup in the left-hand menu bar.
  • The User Interface should look something like this:
  • Insert the USB stick
  • Click Update.
The instrument will now begin the upgrade process. Note that this will take some time (possibly as long as an hour). Do not power off while the upgrade is in process

Product : Attero