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PosApp: What is "NTRIP" (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol)?

  • PosApp v7.01 onwards
    • SimGEN
    • SimREPLAY+, licenced feature
  • GSS9000
  • GSS8000
  • GSS7000
  • GSS6700
This new feature enables the simulated differential correction data to be streamed over the internet. NTRIP is a protocol for streaming differential GPS (DGPS) data over the Internet, allowing for wide-area distribution of differential correction for use in the field.

The PosApp simulates an NTRIP Server which correction data is pushed out from to a third-party NTRIP Caster of user’s choice ( NTRIP Caster is a HTTP server which receives streaming RTCM data from one or more NTRIP Servers and in turn streams the RTCM data to one or more NTRIPClients via the internet.)  NTRIP Clients (GNSS rover devices in the field) connect to the NTRIP Caster to receive correction data for testing.

PosApp is compatible with NTRIP v1.0 and v2.0.

Refer to SimGEN User Manual (DOC12109), section Ntrip server settings for more information

Product : GSS8000 series,GSS7000,GSS9000 series,Positioning,SimREPLAYplus,SimGEN,PosApp,RTCM,GSS6700