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Spirent TestCenter: Can I configure two primary licenses server in STC GUI and what will happen?

Let say the user configures both the primary and backup license servers as two individual primary license servers in the GUI, on this way:

Then, if the first primary (in the GUI) is down and the second primary (in the GUI, which is the backup) is online, then I would assume that the STC application will be successful in checking out the licenses from the backup server (as it is listed in the GUI as the second primary license server). In short, the STC application just goes through multiple primary + backup pairs till it finds a license server that can provide the required licenses. Is my understanding correct?

Support  just tested that same scenario, and having 2 primary servers running, and put them in STC GUI, both as primary, the STC application (the chassis) will check out the licenses from any of the servers that are up (starting with the 1st listed as primary, and if the 1st primary is down, the 2nd primary will provide the licenses)

Actually, the same happens if you configure two real primary servers as Primary and Backup on the GUI on this way:

(Even if there is no HOTSTANDBY configuration between them)

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