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Spirent TestCenter - How to disable TestCenter IQ or Telemetry in a virtual LabServer (modifying stcbll.ini file)?

Spirent TestCenter
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You can disable TestCenter IQ / Enhanced Results on a virtual Lab Server by setting to false the value: "enableEnhancedResults" on file stcbll.ini. This can be done by following the next steps:
  1. SSH to the Lab Server
  2. login: admin / password: spirent
  3. Select "Shell Access" from the console menu
  4. Enter the Lab Server container using the command:
    • docker exec -ti $(docker ps -q) /bin/bash
  5. Edit the STC configuration:
    • vi /home/testcenter/server/stcbll.ini
  6. For TestCenter IQ
    • Under [system] , find the line "enableEnhancedResults=true" and edit this value to false (enableEnhancedResults=false)
  7. For Telemetry
    • [telemetry]
  8. From inside vi issue the command
    • :wq
    • This will write the file and exit the vi session
  9. Restart services on the Lab Server
    • supervisorctl restart all
  10. Then exit the SSH session


Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan,LabServer