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TTworkbench: how to connect to the TTworkbench Server on C1/C50 for remote test execution?

TTworkbench, C1/C50
In TTworkbench over Window > Preferences > TTCN-3 > Execution > Engine > Add server.

Enter the chassis IP into Server address field.
For server port field, dpending on the test package installed on your C1/C50

Test package name Server port
ttwb_5.13_* 30444
stc_ttwb_5.30 or higher 30223

Then choose the proper TTworkbench Server in the dropdown menu beside Execute test on. If the TTworkbench Server is connected and running, you will see Successfully connected.
Now you can load your clf and run the test remotely on C1/C50.

Make sure you have installed TTwb test package and activated TTwb or STC_TTwb test module profile on your C1/C50 before trying to connect to the license server.

For TTworkbench C1/C50 configuration, please refer to the first steps guide

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