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Spirent TestCenter:TCIQ How to use Port List / Port Map in order for them to be populated when generating a report

  • STC all versions
  • TCIQ browser
In order to populate these 2 specific colums, there are a few restrictions:
1) Port List:
   - Port list only supports sequencer based tests
   - Port list is populated only when all of the below “filters” are active at the same time:
  • configured streamblock is set as != Pair
  • used in the sequencer
  • sequencer has iterations configured
  • stream frames are not showing up on unexpected ports (not flooded)
For example, RFC2544 Throughput test:

Result after generating the report:

2) Port Map:
- same information needs to be active as above
- only thing that changes here is configured streamblock is set as == Pair


Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan