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TTworkbench: [Error] java compiler failed

  • Error occurs in some cases after compilation (Build or Rebuild)
 TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Linux/Microsoft Windows
  • Ensure that Java JDK is installed on your machine
  • Enable the Java compiler "Javac" (Java SDK) in TTworkbench Window > Preferences > TTCN-3 > Compiler > Java compiler
NOTE: If you can not select the java compiler "javac", please refer to the article SOL13473  (How to configure the Java compiler in TTworkbench?).
Root Cause
  • Java JDK is not installed
  • Java JDK is not set in your System Path Environment
  • Java compiler "Javac" is not selected

Product : Installation,Example Projects,TTCN-3 Language,Tool Handling