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Spirent TestCenter: Setup failed to configure PostgreSQL

  • Setup failed to configure PostgreSQL for Spirent TestCenter Application(error code: 1).
  • PostgreSQL database configuration (role) for Spirent TestCenter Application will need to be done manually.
  • Please contact Spirent support if you need assistance.
  • v4.91, v5.02
  • I could not duplicate the issue.
  • Attempts at duplicating the issue:
    • My Window 10 PC had PostgreSQL10 already installed.
      • After installing the Spirent Application 4.91 it ask to verify the password which I simply hit enter since it already fills in the password by default and the application installs with no issues.
    • Uninstalled the 4.91 application and also uninstalled PostgreSQL10.
      • At the end of uninstalling PostgreSQL10 it pops up a message indicating “C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\10\data” hasn’t been deleted.
      • I deleted the PostgreSQL folder manually.
      • I then installed 4.91 again. 
      • It ask to enter password for postgres. (I simply hit enter here.)
      • Then it ask to verify password for postgres. (I type in postgres here)
      • The installation then continued.
  • What I understand is Postgres is for TestCenter IQ results so if you did not install it, should be fine with the normal results.
Root Cause
  • Undetermined

Product : Spirent TestCenter