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Spirent TestCenter: WiFI Enhanced L4-7 counters not updating when DHCP endpoints are selected


After doing below work-flow:
  1. Associated the WIFI Clients,
  2. Did DHCP obtained IP@ and the control plane came up properly
  3. Tried the normal L2-3 traffic and it worked properly.
  4. After that started Enhanced L4-7 traffic -> We can see that the normal port counters are incrementing but the EL4-7 are NOT incrementing.

Whereas taking a snapshot during the testing;  I am able to see the traffic counters only during that time:


We can see both Client / Server started and the port counters are also incrementing at the same time but NOT the LIVE counters in the EL-7 GUI too.

  • Enhanced L4-7
  • Magellan
  • Issue fixed within 5.08 release (Late March 2020)

  • After the DHCP endpoints are resolved:
  1. Disable all the EnhancedL47 result views from Testcenter-IQ
  2. Apply once.
  3. Then Enable the EnhancedL47 result views
  4. Apply again
  5. Start the enhancedL47 test.
This is needed only once for the given set of ports. After that, you can run multiple start stops.

If you take ports offline and online again, the same procedure should be repeated to get TestCenterIQ results.
Root Cause

Bug: The issue seen with TestCenterIQ results not shown, this happens when DHCP endpoints are selected EnhancedL47 client or server.

Product : TestCenterIQ / Magellan,L4-7,Spirent TestCenter