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Spirent TestCenter: Supported Counters on PX3-100GQ-T12 module are not correct


It looks like there may be some errors in the set of templates that are used to build the Supported Counters display on the GUI for the PX3-100GQ-T12.  In Jitter mode, Dropped Count (frames) is not supported on any hardware as it is not supported by the mode at all. Here are all the supported counters for the mode itself (from one of the templates):

<mode name="Jitter Mode">
<counter>Rx Count (frames)</counter>
<counter>Rx Rate (fps)</counter>
<counter>Rx Sig Count (frames)</counter>
<counter>Rx Sig Rate (fps)</counter>
<counter>Rx Count (cells)</counter>
<counter>Rx Rate (cps)</counter>
<counter>First Arrival Time (us)</counter>
<counter>Last Arrival Time (us)</counter>
<counter>Min Jitter (us)</counter>
<counter>Max Jitter (us)</counter>
<counter>Avg Jitter (us)</counter>
<counter>Short Term Avg Jitter (us)</counter>
<counter>RFC4689 Absolute Avg Jitter (us)</counter>
<counter>Short Term Avg Latency (us)</counter>
<counter>Avg Latency (us)</counter>
<counter>Min Latency (us)</counter>
<counter>Max Latency (us)</counter>
<counter>In Sequence Count (frames)</counter>
<counter>Out of Sequence Count (frames)</counter>
<counter>In Sequence Rate (fps)</counter>
<counter>Out of Sequence Rate (fps)</counter>
<counter>Sequence Run Length</counter>
<counter>Last Sequence Number</counter>
<counter>Bucket 1</counter>
<counter>Bucket 2</counter>
<counter>Bucket 3</counter>
<counter>Bucket 4</counter>
<counter>Bucket 5</counter>
<counter>Bucket 6</counter>
<counter>Bucket 7</counter>
<counter>Bucket 8</counter>
<counter>Bucket 9</counter>
<counter>Bucket 10</counter>
<counter>Bucket 11</counter>
<counter>Bucket 12</counter>
<counter>Bucket 13</counter>
<counter>Bucket 14</counter>
<counter>Bucket 15</counter>
<counter>Bucket 16</counter>

However, the GUI supported counters shows this counter as supported for Jitter Mode:

  • CR raised:
    • CR-01434160 
    • CIPCD-15894
    • Subject: Supported Counters on PX3-100GQ-T12 module (and maybe others) are not correct
    • Opened on: 3/4/2020
    • Closed on: 4/22/2021
    • Target Release: 5.22 (May 2021)
Root Cause

There is a bug in the template that is supposed to filter out from the final list any counters that are supported on the PX3-100GQ-T12 Module but NOT supported by the mode. Dropped Count (frames) should have been filtered out of the GUI supported counters. There may be other counters that are incorrectly listed as well. It looks like the PX3-100GQ-T12 was added to these templates fairly recently.

Product : PX3,Spirent TestCenter,Supported counters