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New/updated content for Positioning Technology products - December 2017


Dear Valued Customer,

Spirent Support is pleased to inform you of new/updated content relevant to Positioning Technology products that have been posted in the Spirent Knowledge Base. We thought these might be of interest to you.

The following articles have been highlighted as relevant to you by Spirent Support.

Title: PT Release Notification: Positioning Application v6.01 SR02
DocID: NWS10104
Abstract: Summary of latest software enhancements and defect corrections, and instructions on how to download.

Title: Positioning Application: What is RED compliance?
DocID: FAQ18084
Abstract: ETSI has created a new standard that is part of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). This standard ensures any new or altered GNSS product launched in the EU can withstand a level of adjacent band interference and continue to operate without interruption.

Title: Application Note: DAN006 Issue 1-02 Connecting an RF Simulator to a GNSS receiver
DocID: DOC10171
Abstract: This Application Note discusses some of the issues relating to simulator-receiver interconnection, and highlights some common problems, which may be wrongly attributed to the receiver.

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