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End of Windows 7 support for Spirent GNSS simulator controllers and embedded hosts

End of support for Microsoft Windows 7 and transition path to Windows 10 Professional Edition (64-bit)

Microsoft will formally end all support for Windows 7 on 14th January 2020
Spirent announced the transition to Windows 10 in October 2018.  See article NWS10171

In accordance with our Advanced Life Cycle Management (ALM) process, we have announced the end of Windows 7 support for Spirent controllers and embedded hosts used with GNSS simulators

As you may be aware, Microsoft Corporation has announced the end of support for its Windows 7 operating system, as supplied to OEM's, pre-installed on simulator controllers

In October 2018 Spirent announced that Windows 10 support would be available starting in Q4 2018.  As a result of this Spirent has completed the transitioning of Spirent Navigation & Positioning products across to the Windows 10 Professional edition (64-bit) operating system.  Support for Windows 7 is planned to end in 2020 - details are provided below.  The good news is that customers who have a support agreement in place will receive all required upgrade packages at no additional charge.  This upgrade programme has already commenced with many supported customers already receiving their free upgrade package.  A good reason to ensure your support agreement is current.

Who is affected?
  • You are affected by this end of Windows 7 support notice if you have a Spirent GNSS system using a Windows 7 controller or embedded host, and you are running any of the following software products: SimGENTM, SimREPLAYplusTM, SimTESTTM, SimSCUTM, SimCLASSTM, SimSAASTM, SimMCODETM, SimREMOTETM, SimSAFETM, Sim3DTM, SimAUTOTM, SimCHANTM, SimINERTIALTM and SimSENSORTM
When will this occur?
  • PosApp v6.04 is the first PosApp version to fully support Windows 10
  • Windows 7 support will remain until the end of January 2020 when it will be withdrawn
  • PosApp versions released after January 2020 will not be qualified for use with Windows 7
What do you need to do?
  • If you have a system using a Windows 10 (64-bit) controller or embedded host then you do not need to do anything. V6.04 and subsequent software releases will use Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • If you have a system using a Windows 7 controller or embedded host provided by Spirent, and it is under an active support agreement, you will receive a free upgrade package.  The package contains all necessary software (and hardware if applicable to your system) along with detailed installation instructions. In some cases (determined by Spirent Support), a replacement controller may be required.  This will also be dispatched free of charge, covered by your support agreement
  • If you have a system using a Windows 7 controller not provided by Spirent, you will need to make arrangements to migrate your controller to Windows 10 Professional Edition (64-bit). This may require upgrade or replacement of the controller and this will NOT be covered by your support agreement
  • If for any reason your IT policy prohibits an upgrade to Windows 10, then, unfortunately, PosApp releases after January 2020 will not be compatible with your Windows 7 controller.  Your system will continue to work as it is, although your operating system may become vulnerable to security threats in the absence of Windows updates. You will continue to have access to technical support, hardware repair and calibration services during the lifecycle of the product, for so long as a support agreement is in place
  • If you have a system using a Windows 7 controller or embedded host but you do not have a support agreement, you will not be eligible for the free upgrade
Further information
  • If you have any questions about this Product Lifecycle Support Notice and how it might affect you or your Spirent system(s), please do not hesitate to contact your Spirent support representative
  • To find your nearest Spirent support representative, please email
  • NWS10242 announces the end of Windows 7 support by Spirent GNSS systems
  • FAQ19022 GNSS software: Windows 7 and Windows 10 compatibility

Thank you

Spirent PNT Support Services Team

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