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Spirent Landslide 18.0 Release Available For Download


Landslide 18.0 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.

As NEMs and Carriers pursue their fast track towards deploying the first commercial 5G SA network, mobility from this new network to other legacy technologies becomes critical: 5G capable devices are expected to move in and out of 5G coverage areas, and will rely on seamless handoff to legacy networks for session and service continuity. Landslide release 18.0 introduces the first to market test cases for inter-technology testing (both 5G to 4G and Fallback handovers), while expanding the intra-technology mobility testing coverage with the addition of N2 handovers. Furthermore, Landslide 18.0 also introduces the industry’s first test cases to validate Emergency Services, which are mandatory for the launch of a commercial network.
Finally, Landslide 18.0 continues to expand its feature set in other key areas of mobile network testing. Some of these enhancements include: IMS (H.265 codec, Virtual Voice Messaging System, …), support of NB-IoT APN/PLMN Rate Control and Public Warning Message enhancements. 

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True 5G Test Cases
R18.0 is the seventh Landslide release with True 5G (SA) core test cases. New use cases include: 
  • 5G EPS Fallback for Voice/Video services to test readiness of both 4G and 5G networks when VoNR is not available
  • 5G to 4G Handover (with N26 support) simulating 5G UEs moving in and out of 5G coverage areas to validate session and service continuity in legacy networks
  • Intra-AMF Handover (N2 based and IDLE Mode registration) and Inter-AMF Handover (N2/N14 based and IDLE Mode registration), simulating 5G UEs moving across the 5G SA network to analyze the impact of such mobility in the performance of the network
  • Periodic Registration to test, for instance, the handling of IDLE states
  • Location Services to test support of LCS on a wide range of mobility procedures and services
  • Non-3GPP Access emulation for N3IWF testing and N3IWF emulation for AMF/UPF testing
  • Emergency Services Phase-I (Text2911, WEA, Emergency Fallback)
Additional functionality will be added continuously over the next few releases including Dual-access 5G emulation (3GPP and non-3GPP), Emergency Registration procedures and IRAT 4G-5G testing.
Landslide continues its expansion in direct IMS/Voice over New Radio testing, while maintaining the unparalleled voice and video over LTE testing capabilities. Landslide 18.0 introduces:
  • H.265 codec support to enhance video testing
  • vVMS (Virtual Voice Messaging System)
4G/4.5G Core Enhancments
Landslide 18.0 upgrades its 4G Core testing capabilities with these new use cases:  
  • APN and PLMN Rate Control testing for NB-IoT
  • Testing of the Restart Indication procedure associated to 4G’s Public Warning System (PWS)


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