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iTest 8.1 Now Available!

iTest 8.1 Release Announcement
iTest is a Python-Based Network Automation and Verification IDE. It provides automation authoring, execution and reporting, all as automated, on-demand workflows that integrate seamlessly with your DevOps tool chain.

iTest introduces three powerful enhancements in Release 8.1. The Linux Terminal (bash) session extends capture replay to the default Linux shell. Form Maps make abstraction possible for web testing with Selenium, and QuickCalls make abstraction possible in iTest. 8.1 brings REST Session Logging, by allowing iTest to display the exact curl command that it executed. Finally, the integration between iTest and Velocity will continue to strengthen in future releases.
Sales Trainings will be held Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9, 2020.
Each major release of iTest is driven by themes that determine feature selection. The following are the themes and features for iTest 8.1 in greater detail: 

Integrations iTest 8.1 introduces three powerful enhancements to its session integrations: 
  • *NEW* Bash Session: Linux users can now automate Bash sessions with the power of capture/replay and response maps! 
  • Landslide REST Session Test Suite Import: Landslide test suites can be moved across lab, staging, and projection environments by uploading Landslide test suites (STE files) to Landslide TAS. 
  • Cookie Support in REST Session:  Choose to store/send cookies in REST sessions for RESTful APIs that require cookie interaction. 
Productivity and Ease of Use iTest 8.1 brings productivity enhancements, making iTest more powerful and easier to use than ever before. 
  • Form Maps in QuickCalls: Form maps make abstraction possible and lowers maintenance efforts for web testing. 
  • Wizard-enabled "File Commands" for Python: Right-click in the editor and insert one of many file operations in your automation. 
  • New "dumpstate" command for Python: Read runtime data structures such as parameters and topology, using this embedded command. 
Trust and Security The 8.1 runtime agents have been hardened with additional security enhancements: 
  • Signed Assets: iTestRT, Velocity agent, and Network DevOps agents can be secured to execute only digitally signed and trusted content.  
  • HTTPS: Network DevOps agent communication is now strongly encrypted to protect sensitive content. 
  • User Authentication: Network DevOps agent can now be configured with users authorized to perform API functions on the agent. 
Spirent VisionWorks NDO Network DevOps agent 8.1 has been enhanced to bring greater functionality to Spirent VisionWorks: 
  • Enriched Reporting 
    • An archived secondary report can now be generated for better root cause analysis capabilities. 
    • Custom HTML reports using Freemarker templates can now be used by the NDO agent.  
  • On-the-fly Provisioning
    • The NDO agent can now be provisioned with new and updated automation bundles even during an ongoing execution. 
  • Version API 
    • A new API that returns major.minor.release information is now available in the 8.1 NDO agent. 
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Spirent provides the Developer Community GitHub site.  Get your projects off the ground even faster now! You’ll find iTest drivers, dashboards, startup/teardown and triggered automation tasks.
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