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iTest & Velocity 8.3 Now Available!

LSA Automation: iTest & Velocity 8.3 Release
As Covid-19 rages on, companies are under tremendous pressure to change how they run their facilities. Companies have skeleton crews onsite and are pushing as many workers as possible to work remotely. Efficiency and automation are most essential now, with lab managers seeking to move from hardware-based to software-based infrastructures, and navigate the separation challenges posed by the pandemic.
Spirent meets these challenges with the 8.3 release of iTest and Velocity. LSA automation solutions continues to empower companies in optimizing their lab and staging environments through collaboration, sharing, and automation. 8.3 brings vital enhancements in multi-tenancy and NFV orchestration, ensuring business continuity and technology future-proofing.
Features Benefits
Introducing Kubernetes integration included in Velocity 8.3
  • Drag and drop all containerized service models into the Velocity topology canvas
  • Set deployment options, then instantiate your cloud native workflows through Velocity’s integrated Kubernetes orchestration
  • Command and control all aspects of your containerized network functions with a simple point and click interface, gaining instant and complete access to all their provisioning details
  • Connect Velocity 8.3 to your CI/CD pipeline today and build continuous test into your NFV development process
Introducing AWS integration included in Velocity 8.3
  • Flexibility to expand test capacity during release and deployment phases of their network services.
  • Click and drag your virtualized workloads into the Velocity topology canvas, set deployment options, then spin up your validation environment on Amazon Web Services through integrated AWS orchestration
  • Manage all your AWS VPCs with built-in user access controls to provide multi-tenancy capabilities across groups and leverage Velocity’s rich reporting capabilities to reconcile billing and usage across teams
Introducing Nested Orchestration in Velocity 8.3
  • Open, hierarchy-based orchestration SDK that automates the activation and deactivation in every layer of a network service
  • Build nested models that include bare metal servers, operating systems, hypervisors, container management systems, network functions, cloud native services, and anything that can be orchestrated
  • Maintain custom orchestrations for customer-specific NFV integrations
  • The complete nested hierarchy includes all details of each layer of the orchestrated service, providing full-stack NFV validation
Introducing Automation and Reporting Permissions in Velocity 8.3
  • Allows teams to work better together through transparency and collaboration
  • Dramatically reduce test times by onboarding suppliers into the cloudified lab
  • Strong security and trust in multitenancy lab environments protecting intellectual property
  • Cloudified lab admins can associate every internal and external user group with protected automation view, execution, and reporting access to enable secure multitenancy
Response Mapping for CaptureA close up of a logoDescription automatically generated
Introducing Response Mapping Capture included in iTest 8.3
  • Spirent’s patented response mapping technology is now available during the automation capture phase
  • Users capture and analyze in one step
  • Coupled with Secrets Management introduced in iTest 8.2, this solution brings the fastest and most secure automation development system to the networking space
Docker | How to manage Linux containers with Docker on Ubunt… | Flickr
Introducing Docker container packaging available in NDO Agent 8.3
  • Deploy the Network DevOps agent directly from Docker Hub or your private registry to dynamically automate complete production network operations in cloud native environments
  • Easy lifecycle management of network automation agents
  • Flexible deployment capabilities of network automation agents throughout the production network
Carrier Grade TelemetryA picture containing object, clock, large, nightDescription automatically generated
Introducing Carrier Grade Telemetry in NDO Agent 8.3
  • Gain visibility into the operational condition of all network automation agents
  • Track the utilization and vitality of each agent to balance workloads and optimize the distribution and dispatch of automation
  • Agents stream their runtime KPIs such as CPU utilization, memory consumption, disk usage, RESTful service statistics, and exceptions to centralized service assurance management systems

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