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Spirent Velocity 8.4 Release Now Available

Automation 8.4 Release
The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has caused our customers to adapt to the “new normal” of daily business. Our customers are being tested on their agility, and their ability to deliver software products and services quickly. With each release Spirent’s efforts to promote remote work environments have boosted business deliveries for many organizations, allowing customers to maintain their brand continuity.

The Velocity 8.4 portfolio release upholds a unified approach, extending assurance with essential time saving capabilities. The integration between Velocity and Velocity iTest has strengthened with every future release.
Upgrade now by accessing the latest versions in the downloads area of the Spirent Customer Service Center


  • New small, medium, and large capacity tiers available for proper sizing
  • Additional functionality now included in base package
    • Unlimited User and API access
    • Nested Resources now included
    • Interactive Workflow Automation now included

Velocity Deployed on AWS
  • “Early Adopter” support for Velocity deployment on AWS
  • Hybrid cloud deployment: on-prem agent deployment
  • Enables companies to “Cloudify” their labs to open collaboration among their partner/supplier ecosystem

Agent Security
  • Encryption and authentication between Velocity and its agents
  • Admin allows only trusted Velocity agents to connect
  • Enables secure agent communications for public cloud deployments

Accessibility for Visually
Impaired Users
  • Cleaner, crisper UI appearance with better contrast, larger icons, enhanced search boxes and toggles
    • Broadens Velocity’s reach to users with visual impairments
    • Fulfills governmental regulation accessibility compliance

Resource and Topology
View Enhancements
  • Re-sizable left panel for viewing resources, topologies, and automation assets
    • Easier navigation of deep folder structures of Velocity inventory items
Velocity iTest

Selenium Modernization
  • Automatic detection of Chrome browser version and matching Selenium driver
    • Multiple versions of Selenium driver can be installed to enable support for different browser versions
    • Enables web testing with latest versions of Chrome browser.
    • Increases relevance of testing
    • Increases value of capture/replay approach to web testing

Velocity Session
  • Device sessions from Velocity can now be used in iTest
  • Eases and scales MOP automation development

Embedded Python3
  • Enhanced user experience through utilization of an embedded Python3 interpreter without external dependencies
  • Python3 interpreter included in iTest GUI

Product : iTest Team Server,Velocity