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Spirent Landslide 19.8 Release Available for Download


Landslide 19.8 Release

As our customers continue to fast-track 5G SA network deployments, Landslide continues to enhance and add to its feature set to empower our customers to accelerate their deployments with confidence. With the 19.8 release, Landslide expands the 5G testing capabilities with the introduction of key features such as: NGAP Cause Codes reporting, IE Validation for Core and SBI nodes, and enhanced gNB-CU NSA Nodal application. Numerous other enhancements have also been introduced in various node and nodal applications and features, including usability improvements and new procedures.

Upgrade now by accessing the latest versions in the downloads area of the Spirent Customer Service Center


IE Validation
  • Checks for compliance and expected values for IEs in messages for various protocols & interfaces
  • Support for 5G Core and SBI interfaces
  • Phase 1 supports:
    • 5G Core interfaces: N1, N2, N4
    • SBI interfaces: N12, N8, N10

NGAP Cause Codes
  • Displays 5G NGAP Cause on the GUI
  • Adds new measurements for 5G NGAP Cause Codes
  • Covers over 100 Cause Codes across multiple categories
  • Supported for AMF node/nodal, SMF node/nodal & N3IWF node

Enhanced 5G SA
Test Cases
  • Multiple enhancements made to:
    • AMF Node/Nodal
    • UPF Node/Nodal
    • SBA nodes: CHF, PCF, NRF, UDR, LMF, AUSF, UDM, NEF
    • SBA nodal: AMF, SMF, UPF, UDM, LMF, AUSF, PCF, NEF, UDR,
  • Enhancements span 3GPP release updates, authentication, automation and much more.

Enhanced CU NSA
Test Cases
  • gNB CU NSA Nodal:
    • Fireball support added for split bearers
    • Additional F1 / X2 signaling messages added
    • Support for External Data and External Apps added

Improved Flexibility
  • Ability to insert user defined headers for SIP/SDP messages
  • Ability to schedule and serially execute all or subset of tests in a library

Product : TAS Manager,Results Manager,Landslide Client,Tcl API,Landslide