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New Spirent VisionWorks Releases Now Available

New VisionWorks Release Features
VisionWorks active assurance enables network operators to get ahead of performance challenges by monitoring network, service and customer experience throughout the lifecycle. From activation testing, proactive monitoring and automated troubleshooting, VisionWorks provides a 360 degree view across every network segment and service layer to pin point performance problems, before users are impacted.

The latest VisionWorks releases introduce a range of new capabilities and enhancements that continue to drive improved operational efficiency and optimal user experiences.

Upgrade now by contacting your Spirent sales representative or by accessing the latest versions in the downloads area of the Spirent Customer Service Center

Service Assurance 

GETS Emergency Service Test on S1
  • 24/7 Monitoring of VoLTE-based GETS call ensures emergency services from core network is available to meet government SLAs.
  • Support of automated monitoring of GETS by running the test 24/7 and monitoring KPIs in Analytics.

Robocall Detection
  • Validation tests to check that Robocall is successfully blocked and tagged.
  • Calling or called party emulation for Robocall.
  • Pass fail criteria for test scenarios.

Trigger automated fault isolation workflows based on signature alerts
  • Users can run automated tests based on signature alerts and see the results to know the cause of the alert.
    • Signatures can be defined with ability to trigger a workflow
    • Workflow start and end setup can be done from the UI to pass the parameters to the workflow.
    • Workflow execution results can be seen in analytics UI.

Traceroute Test
  • Introducing support of traceroute testing as an independent test from other data service tests in external apps.

Revenue Assurance Report
  • Customers define the revenue assurance parameters associated with the test – MISDN, plan, scenario, barring etc.
  • Test results are reported per MISDN along with revenue assurance parameters facilitating comparison with the CDRs generated for the calls

Network Assurance

New WebTest VTA
The library of Virtual Test Agents has expanded to include a new VTA, WebTest. It provides multiple tests, including:
  • Ping PM Tests: Support for Ping as a PM Test, as part of which customers can ‘Ping’ for 7x24 connectivity validations.
  • The WebTest VTA comes with an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, allowing destinations to have IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
  • A set of on-demand tests that include Ping, DNS, Traceroute, and HTTP
  • This allows customers to run Layer 7 tests and aggregate them along with the underlying L2 / L3 tests, for enhanced Fault Isolation.

Advanced Topology Import
  • Analytics has been enhanced to support additional Topology options. Based on this advanced Topology Import functionality, users can see how Nodes are connected to each other, within the Topology View, when we do not run tests between the respective nodes.
  • This features also sets the base for KPI Segmentation, which is planned to be rolled out in 2021.

TWAMP Extension to Support Reflector Latency
  • The TWAMP VTA has been extended and now supports min/max/avg reflector latency KPIs, allowing users to analyze the time that was spent within the Reflector

New Geo Map Widget
  • A new Geo Map widget has been introduced into Analytics.
  • The widget provides users with an indicator how many Network Elements within a Cluster are green (no PM issues), how many are red (PM Alerts), and how many are grey (no data).
  • In addition, the widget also has improved performance characteristics.

Support for Multiple Kafka Topics
  • Controller has been enhanced and offers the support of multiple Kafka Topics. It publishes the results of different Test Types on different Topics, for improved scalability.

Publishing Usage Data
  • Controller can now be configured to publish its usage data on a Message Bus (e.g. Kafka), such that external systems can register for this information.
  • This includes information about which users ran what tests, and when, and with what results.

Advanced Enterprise Use Case
  • The Advanced Enterprise use case leverages the capabilities that were introduced with the Advanced Mobile Backhaul use case.
  • Its enhanced entity model allows more advanced fault isolation for Enterprise Scenarios, where VisionWorks monitors Ethernet, VPN or SD-WAN services.

PING Extension
(frame sweep)
  • The PING (on-demand) test has been extended to allow a range of frame sizes as a parameter for the test on the physical Test Heads.  This provides the ability to run multiple ping tests, each with a different frame size according to a customizable range, timeout and step size.

Passive IPv6
  • In addition to the IPv6 support on active test, physical Test Heads now support IPv6 filtering capabilities during frame/packet captures.

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