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Announcing Spirent Velocity 9.1 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Velocity Release: 9.1

The 9.1 release delivers powerful new functionality to users by enriching the user experience in creating and managing topologies, providing them with immediate, secure remote access to resources in geographically diverse test environments, and sharing their test content with their ecosystem partners. The 9.1 release also empowers administrators with more automation potential in serving test environments to their user communities. The combination of added utility, usability, and automation brings massive incremental value to test automation engineers, developers, and managers of distributed communication test environments.

This release focuses on making our customers successful with several usability enhancements.
Release 9.1
Velocity New Features Distributed Console Servers:

Improved scalability and responsiveness of console connections in Velocity.  Security-enabled access to users who have legitimate reservations to resource for console access.

Bended Connections:

Better visualization of complex topologies by bending connections around other elements in the topology editor.

Helper Resources:

Easily allocate auxiliary resources that are needed for proper topology operation without cluttering the users’ UI.
 iTest New Features Integrated Velocity Topology Editor:

Ease of use, modernized user experience, feature alignment with Velocity.

Encrypted iTars​:

Distribute iTest scripts to partners and customers with the assurance that source code has not been changed. Protect IP by obfuscating source code in test automation.
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Software Availability The latest Velocity software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > iTest/Velocity

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.

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