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CyberFlood v23.1 and Avalanche v5.37 Released

CyberFlood v23.1 and Avalanche v5.37 Releases

Advanced Security and Performance Testing Solutions

Spirent is pleased to announce the release of CyberFlood v23.1 and Avalanche v5.37. Both solutions are feature rich and bring new capabilities that expand the value and use cases for our powerful security and performance testing solutions. As content and maintenance releases, these versions include new features, in addition to numerous critical issue resolutions.
  • Live Chart improvements
  • Enhanced SSL VPN capabilities
  • SMBv2 Emulated server for full client server testing for Avalanche
  • And More
Release CyberFlood v23.1
Key new features  
Live Charts Improvements
  • Load type is now added to the Load Specification graph providing a more consistent and easy-to-use customer experience
Improved SSL VPN functionality
  • For more realistic SSL VPN testing, the user can now use fully qualified domain names (FQDN) for every user query adding more realism to SSL VPN test cases
CF30 Device Manager Updates
  • The device manager for CF30 appliances in the CyberFlood UI has been improved to better indicate port speeds and mode of operation
And More
  • Please see the v23.1 release noes for more information
Release Avalanche v5.37
Key new features  
Ping out test port
  • To allow for easier troubleshooting, users can now ping directly out of a test port without a test running. This will assist in basic device connectivity test preparation.
SMBv2 Client/Server
  • The new SMBv2 Client and Server test capabilities allow Avalanche to provide full two-arm testing for this storage protocol, simplifying scale, performance, and functional testing for this use case.
And more
  • Please see the v5.37 release noes for more information
Availability CyberFlood v23.1 and Avalanche v5.37 are available for all currently supported platforms
Learn more Please see new feature information on the Spirent Customer Support site, CyberFlood COLT DOC_TRN11371 and product release notes CyberFlood DOC12812 & Avalanche_DOC12812 for the most up-to-date release information.

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