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Announcing Spirent Velocity 9.4 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Velocity Release: 9.4

Velocity 9.4 release features focus on enhancing the ease of authoring and running automation by adding the ability to create parameter files. This release provides more details on test execution results and system utilization and further promotes operational efficiency which lowers running costs. Our newly enhanced Distributed Console Servers enable Velocity to be used as a secure web proxy for all access to the lab.

Download 9.4 today and take advantage of the industry's most powerful platform for communications test and verification. 
Release 9.4
Velocity New Features Agent Usage Dashboard
  • A new report dashboard showing set of Velocity Agents utilization and execution throughput KPIs
  • Provides data which can be used to optimize Velocity agents allocation to appropriately handle execution workload​
Distributed Console Servers as Access Gateway (web proxy)
  • Console access to equipment via HTTP/HTTPs will integrate with Velocity's reservation service to ensure user is authorized to access the equipment
  • Provides security-enabled access and interaction with equipment for users who have legitimate reservations to resources with HTTP/HTTPs access
Parameter File Management via Velocity UI
  • Adds new parameters or the ability to modify existing parameter values, save all parameters shown in the Velocity UI as JSON formatted parameter files, and use those parameter files for Script Asset executions
  • Improved workflow for passing parameters increases the flexibility and usability of Velocity as test executive for Python and other non-iTest automation
External Reports Management in External Script Executions
  • Report(s) generated and formatted by the script author can be associated with the script execution and accessed via the Velocity UI
  • Easy access to all related reports provides ability for faster root-cause analysis
Velocity Reports to Include all Merged Parameters
  • The full set of parameters used for script execution is now visible in the Execution Report
  • Detailed record of execution parameters speeds root-cause failure analysis
 iTest New Features Drag-and-Drop for Step
  • Quickly move one or multiple lines of code by using mouse drag/drop functions for faster test and automation creation ​
  • Increases the ease of use when authoring or modifying test procedures and provides  parity with other code authoring tools
Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest Velocity software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > iTest/Velocity

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.

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