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Wireshark: How can I select only a few packets out of a .pcap file and save it off in a new .pcap file?

  • This article will describe method to create a new .pcap file with just a select few packets from a .pcap file of many packets.
    • This may be useful to prepare a file to be imported into Spirent TestCenter's Generate Stream Block feature (aka Capture Replay)
  • Wireshark
  • Launch Wireshark
  • Open the original .pcap from which you want to select the packets from
  • File -> Expot Specified Packets...
  • Packet Range -> Range: -> enter the range of packets
    • For example for packets:
      • 1 through 10:  enter "1-10"
      • 1, 5, and 10:  enter "1,5,10"

Product : Packet Captures