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V2X Virtual: How to install or update the V2X Virtual Firmware on Spirent C50 C-V2X?

  • Spirent C50 C-V2X
  • V2X Virtual
  • Spirent STC
The Spirent STC Firmware and V2X Virtual related test package are already installed and pre-configured on the Spirent C50 C-V2X box.
A Firmware update should be performed only if it is necessary.

1. Spirent TestCenter Firmware installation/update:

     1.1 Download STC Firmware

     1.3. Start Spirent TestCenter application (if not already installed, refer to SOL14646 for installation information)
     1.4. Connect to Chassis

     1.5. Expand or right click to connect

     1.6. Go to Tools -> Firmware management

     1.7. Install/Update STC Firmware -> browse unzipped firmware directory

2. V2X Virtual Test Package Installation

     2.1. Download CV2X Virtual Test Package

     2.2. Install Test Package via STC GUI -> Browse test package directory

3. Activate Test Module Profile (V2X-Virtual)