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V2X Virtual / TTworkbench: How to install Spirent TestCenter application and license for Spirent C-V2X and TTworkbench on C1/C50?

  • Spirent C1/C50 / Spirent C50 C-V2X
  • TTworkbench / V2X Virtual
  • Spirent STC
1. Download and Install the Spirent TestCenter application from Spirent CSC download portal (login required)

2. Start Spirent TestCenter application

3. Connect to Spirent C1/C50 or C50 C-V2X chassis

       3.1. Add new chassis if not already available (IP address)

       3.2. Expand or right click to connect

4.Go to Tools -> Licensing Management

5. Click on Install and find license location (.lic file)

6. Close the window and then Exit the GUI

7. Relaunch the GUI and Connect to the Chassis and the License will take effect