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TTworkbench: How to install/update the Firmware on Spirent C50/C1?

  • Spirent C50/C1
  • TTworkbench Test Package v5.13
  • Spirent STC
  • The Spirent STC Firmware and TTworkbench related test package are already installed and pre-configured on the Spirent C50/C1 box.
  • You should only upgrade to a new version in case you have problems with the current firmware or want to use new functionality provided by a new firmware version.

1. Spirent TestCenter Firmware installation / update:

     1.1. Backup/Save the given STC license (refer to FAQ12717)

     1.2. Download the Spirent TestCenter (STC) Firmware

            NOTE: Extract/Unzip the archive file!


     1.3. Start the Spirent TestCenter application (if not already installed, refer to SOL14646 for installation information)
     1.4. Connect to Chassis (C50/C1)


     1.5. Expand or right click to connect
           (If the device is not listed yet, add it by clicking on Connect/Create)


     1.6. Go to Tools -> Firmware management

     1.7. Install/Update STC Firmware
  • Browse and navigate to the folder where you extracted the firmware (folder including the extracted STC Firmware file / see step 1.2)
  • In the drop-down menu Version, select the proper version number
  • In the list below, select the device that you want to update

PLEASE NOTE: A new installation or an upgrade of the Spirent STC deletes any already installed TTworkbench (ttwb) test package.

2. TTworkbench Test Package Installation (v5.13)

     2.1. Download TTworkbench Test Package

            TTworkbench Test Package ( file) download link provided by the Spirent TTworkbench support team
            NOTE: Do NOT unzip/extract the archive file!

     2.2. Install TTworkbench Test Package via STC GUI 
  • Browse and navigate to the folder where the test package file is stored (folder including TTworkbench test package zip file)
  • In the drop-down menu “Set All Port Groups to Test Package”, select "ttwb"

3. Activate Test Module Profile (TTwb)

4. Update TTworkbench Server for C50/C1 (Run on a Computer connected to the C50/C1)

     TTworkbench Server Update (TTworkbenchUpdate-Testpackage-vXX.exe file) download link provided by the Spirent TTworkbench support team

5. Install the STC license (LIC file / refer to SOL14646)

6. Install the TTworkbench license (License installer / refer to SOL14631)