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Spirent TestCenter with Spirent AION Licensing Quick Start Guide


This guide provides the steps to successfully launch Spirent™ TestCenter™, sign in to Spirent™ AION, and execute a test.  It also highlights the steps to determine how many licenses are available to allow a test to execute.  This guide assumes that the Spirent TestCenter GUI application has already been installed on your Windows® system.
This guide also assumes that access to the AION license service is available, either directly through the user’s organization, or via a Spirent AION cluster deployed on the local network, and that the appropriate Spirent TestCenter entitlements needed have been installed on the license service.  If you do not have access to portal, please contact your local test administrator.

Table of Contents

  • Launch Spirent TestCenter and log in to Spirent AION
  • Workspace Switching
  • Creating an AION Username and Password
  • Self-signed Certificates and AION Licensing
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Reviewing License Counts through the Spirent TestCenter Licensing Manager Dialog
  • Changing the Default Refresh Timer
  • Alternate License Checkout
  • Use of HTTP and HTTPS for Signing in to AION for Spirent TestCenter Automation Users
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Spirent TestCenter with Spirent AION Licensing Quick Start Guide

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