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iTEST: ALM11: Export Fails: Error: Could not add test to QC: Dispatch not hooked to windows memory


Installation of ALM11 iTest Certification files

  • iTest
  • HP ALM 11.0

This issue might occur if the HP ALM11 iTest plugin files/Certificates (iTestReportViewer.xco,, iTestScriptViewer.xco, ) have expired.  If that is the case, we need to update the HP ALM 11 server side plugin.

Download the ALM11 iTest plugin files (iTest-HPQC 11.0 Server from CSC site (  or download it from the attachments.

Please check with your system administrator and install them as following:

  1. Extract 4.2.1 iTest-HPQC 11.0 Server
  2. Copy ITEST.xml file in attachment to <ALM Installation directory>\data\sa\DomsInfo\Metadata\TEST
  3. Copy Extensions, CustomTestTypes folders to (Overwrite if any):

<ALM Installation directory>\application\20qcbin.war\

  1. Re-deploy server by using Server Deployment Wizard.

Note:  <ALM Installation directory> default is C:\Program Files\HP\HP Application Lifecycle Management Platform

We should also update these plugins locally in ALM11 Client machine by performing the following steps:

1.       Open IE as Admin

2.       Click on “Add-Ins Page”

3.       Click on “HP ALM Client Registration”

4.       Click on “Register HP ALM Client” at the bottom of the page.

 This will ensure the certificates are updated locally.




Product : iTest Enterprise