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iTest: How to setup iTest NTAF for landslide test?

  • To configure Landslide with iTest, we need to
  • Download and Install Landslide Tcl API from landslide device
  • Configure Openfire (XMPP) Server.
  • iTest
  • Landslide
  • Openfire
  • Windows
  • Linux

  • Configure DNS Server or Edit your DNS buffer file 'hosts':
  • Option 1:
  • Install a DNS server and bind a domain name (For example: with the IP address on which openfire will be installed.
  • Check the DNS server configuration with ping or nslookup command from PC where iTest is installed.

  • Option 2:

  • This step can be replaced by editing 'hosts' file.
  • Open 'hosts' file from the PC where iTest is installed. (Windows OS: C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts &  Linux OS: /etc/hosts)
  • Add "<IP>" at the end of file (IP address is where Openfire will be installed. Domain name will be used by iTest.)
  • Install and configure Openfire server (XMPP)
  • This step can be skipped if you just want to use the server. :
  • Download and Install Openfire Server from Besides that, we need to make sure that Java is installed on our PC.
  • Open URL e.g., to configure the server.
  • Under “Server Settings" step: input "" into 'Domain' field (here, the domain name should be consistent with the one in the DNS server)
  • “Database Settings" step: select 'Embedded Database' for simplicity. If we have other database server, such as MySQL, we can select 'Standard Database Connection' option.
  • "Profile step", select "Default" to store user information.
  • “Administrator Account" step: input password for embedded user admin. Click 'Login to the admin console'.
  • Login with admin/[pwd] to open admin console. Add at least two users on 'Users/Groups' page.

  • Install Landslide Tcl API from landslide device:
  • Need one landslide device with IP address (x.x.x.x for example). Download tcl api package from landslide device website. And then install it into iTest windows/Linux PC.

  • Windows:'
  • Download http://x.x.x.x/ and http://x.x.x.x/
  • Create a new directory on your computer, e.g. C:\landslidetclapi
  • Extract to that directory (you can use a zip utility like Winzip or the jar tool that comes with Java JDK)
  • Copy jtclsh.bat to landslidetclapi.bat
  • Edit landslidetclapi.bat, setting the API_HOME and JRE_HOME to where we have installed Landslide API and JAVA
  • Set API_HOME=C:/landslidetclapi
  • Set JRE_HOME=C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_20/jre  (if needed the Java memory can be increased with: set JAVA_MAX_MEMORY=256m)
  • Extract to that directory C:\landslidetclapi. Then add the path "C:\landslidetclapi\bin" and "C:\landslidetclapi\lib\tcljava1.4.0" into the local environment PATH variable.
  • Run landaslidetclapi.bat
  • Under '%' prompt, run 'tclsh NtafInstall.tcl' command to install landslide Tcl api. (Run 'bin/tclsh84 NtafInstall.tcl' command if you do not have tcl/tk installed on local machine).

  • Linux:

  • Download http://x.x.x.x/linuxtclblend.tar.gz and http://x.x.x.x/
  • Create a new directory on your computer, e.g. ~/landslidetclapi
  • Extract linuxtclblend.tar.gz to that directory a) cd to the directory b) gunzip c) tar xf
  • Extract to that directory a) cd to the directory b) jar xf or unzip (You will need either jar utility or unzip utility in your path)
  • Copy jtclsh to landslidetclapi and then make sure the tclblend.dll directory and Landslide Tcl API lib directory must be on your load library path (e.g. "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" environment variable should contain ~/landslidetclapi/lib:~/landslidetcla /lib/tcljava1.4.1. Edit /etc/bashrc file to add  "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" definition)
  • Add tcl location into TCL_LIBRARY variable (add TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 export TCL_LIBRARY into /etc/bashrc)
  • Edit landslidetclapi, setting the api_home and jre_home # Install location for tclblend and landslide Tcl API # Set these to the location of your tclblend and JRE api_home=/home/user/landslidetclapi <--- Path to your directory jre_home=/usr/jre1.6.0_10 <--- Path to your JRE install. if needed the Java memory can be increased with: export JAVA_MAX_MEMORY=256m
  • Make sure landslidetclapi is executable, then run it
  • Run 'tclsh NtafInstall.tcl' under '%' prompt.
  • Configure NTAF in iTest
  • Start ‘NTAF Proxy’ and 'NTAF Registry' from iTest NTAF Perspective
  • The users used for Proxy and Registry should be different.
  • Start a Spirent Landslide NTAF session
  • Select 'NTAF node' and 'NTAF tool' content from drop down list. Fill 'landslide host', username (the user should be the one used by NTAF Proxy) and password. Press start button..

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