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---Essentials of Spirent AION---


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Spirent AION is a new central management hub for Network and Cloud testing using Spirent TestCenter Hardware, Virtual and CloudSure solutions. Spirent AION provides a Fast and Efficient out-of-box deployment experience and administration of Users, Workspaces, Test Endpoints, License Entitlements, and Web Application deployment.

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Training Videos

AION Virtual Licensing and Workspaces (10:45 min)
AION Cluster Deployment (16:20 min)
NOTE: As of release 5.19 AION now supports both Virtual and Hardware licensing!

Web Page

Spirent AION


Take the Complexity Out of Network and Cloud Validation with Spirent AION


Spirent AION Platform Setup Guide
Spirent AION Licensing with Spirent TestCenter Quick Start Guide

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Series: Essentials of Courses

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