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Spirent TestCenter: How does the OSPF LSA Generator create a topology?

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Spirent TestCenter TM Automation HLTAPI Command Reference

Description: The sth::emulation_ospf_ lsa _ generator function creates or deletes OSPF/OSPFv3 topologies and the LSAs , mapping the operations of the OSPF LSA Generator wizard in the Spirent TestCenter GUI. If the operation fails, Spirent HLTAPI returns an error message. Examples: The following example creates the specified LSAs:

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• Quickly assess the performance and scalability of your EVPN solution • Use wizard to easily build , configure, setup complex topologies • Comprehensive support for most data encapsulations MPLS, VXLAN and MAC-in-MAC

Spirent iTest 6.1

Theme Major New Capabilities Seamless Portfolio • Driver and test case development/debugging by running iTest as a Velocity agent • Searching capability within the Velocity import dialog • Improved results analysis by displaying topology information in the test reports view • Quickly build topology commands in the test case editor using the TBML command wizard

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• Point-to-Multipoint TE (P2MP-TE) wizard quickly builds any of the five most common P2MP-TE topologies (ingress, transit, branch, bud or leaf), complete with Unicast routing, routes, RSVP sessions, LSPs, sub-LSPs and RSVP options, including the new SERO object and support for OSPF and IS-IS-TE

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware New Features 4.72

While users generate the routes from the OSPF/ISIS route generator wizard , there is an option to enable the checkbox “Preview Topology ” when the wizard configuration is complete. The pop-up dialog opens automatically, displaying the topology using Chrome or Firefox.

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5. Configure Subscribers  The “Access Loop Generator wizard assumes that the subscribers will use stacked VLANs and so has a default “Number of VLAN Tags in Stack” of 2. This however will cause the creation of “True Topology ” links which we didn’t want to use because the ANs and the subscribers are not sharing the ANs’ VLAN.  So set the topmost AN to “0” and use “Copy Down” to make them all “0”

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Using Spirent TestCenter for PGA Tests 180 Packet Generation 187 Modifier Objects 189 Modifier Example 191 Chapter 13 Protocols 197 Protocol Stacks 197 Emulated Device and Interfaces 197 Relations 198 Device Wizard 199 Topology Emulation 201 Links 201 Test ... State 229 PPPoE Session Traffic 230 Generator /Analyzer Setup 232 Execution 233 Termination 233 DHCPv4 Example (Tcl) 234 Chapter 15 Unicast Routing – BGP 235 Unicast Routing - Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) 235 BGP Test Configuration Objects 236 BGP Communication in the Spirent TestCenter Environment 237 BGP Example (Tcl) 238 Global Configuration 240

Spirent TestCenter : RFC 2544 test aborts with error "Can not perform sync start due to the following reason(s): Chassis topology is invalid"

Since the RFC-2544 tests need to have Sync-start of traffic across all the test ports, we need to make sure that all the chassis used in the test configuration have a common reference clock. Create Master -Slave daisy chain topology of chassis using the Sync cable or

Spirent TestCenter :How to configure Multiple Vtep ports at the same time using VXLAN wizard

Click next from "Select VXLAN Topology " and Choose "Custom Topology " Click next

Network Topology Discovery Tool Issue with 4.2 - appStore UPDATE PLEASE! - Spirent Forums

Network Topology Discovery Tool Issue with 4.2 - appStore UPDATE PLEASE! I'm trying to install an iTest Add-on (Network Topology Discovery Tool) but I'm getting an error after importing the files into the new software wizard . Looks like all the packages available on the appStore are not supported for 4.2 users and most of them are 2 years old. Would we have available and update on this anytime soon?

Global topology not automatically referred? - Spirent Forums

Global topology not automatically referred? But it's annoying - and for the less expert user even misleading - having a test case and test case steps marked as "errored" just because a reference, that could be solved "statically" thanks to the Global Topology definition, is only solved at runtime.

Essentials of Spirent TestCenter

 Spirent uses two terms to describe router emulation:  Use emulated routers to exchange routes or perform interactive testing  Create simulated routers to build topologies to represent an environment  Simulated routers are created via Route Generators , configuration grids, and test wizards  Create topologies that extended tens of routers deep, then simulate traffic from remote access networks across core/provider topologies  Emulated Routers – run a routing protocol with the DUT, maintain protocol state, send routes, etc.

SDN Visibility and Management | 3D Topology Suite - Spirent

Questions for Spirent experts ? Submit a request for information.

Presenting topology information in a report? - Spirent Forums

People who like this You're also not restricted to three levels deep. However, you will need to be familiar the tbml command. So if you are already an xpath expert , chances are you can just use your current approach because the tbml xsd is not likely to change.

How do we convert testbed files with parameters into Topology files in iTest 4.0? - Spirent Forums

People who like this If I may digress a bit, I will commend you guys, that while you've put a lot of work into making it easy for untrained people to hop in and start automating things, you've kept it expert friendly. So far, the "ease of use" features have not been an obstacle while building a scalable architecture for a large testing effort. If I can encourage you in anything, please don't sacrifice the expert friendly items in favor of easy use.

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware New Features 4.75

Spirent TestCenter 4.75 New Features PCEP with IGP Topology Wizard for OSPFv4 SR SDN Controller Testing!

Spirent TestCenter Release Notes 4.75

Hardware: PCEP with IGP Topology Wizard for OSPFv4 SR PCEP ERO Block FlowSpec IPv6 : Generic Next Hop Support

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware Release Notes 4.75

IEEE 802.1AS (gPTP): o UTC Offset Configuration o LeapFlag Configuration FX3/MX3 25GbE o FEC counters for 25GbE o FEC rate counter for 25GbE o Rate counter has been exposed in the Port Traffic and Counters > FEC Counters PCEP with IGP Topology Wizard for OSPFv4 SR PCEP ERO Block FlowSpec IPv6 : Generic Next Hop Support VXLAN EVPN Overlay Wizard MAC Address Step Per VTEP VXLAN EVPN Overlay Wizard includes L2VNI in VM Device or Host Device MAC Address

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware New Features 4.71

Different PE routers can be deployed into different sub networks/VLANs. The wizard emulates network topology and PCCs connected to each DUT PE router. The LSPs are initiated by PCCs, and reports and delegates to the SDN controller.

Execute testsuites in Linux cli - Spirent Forums

People who like this 2. To get a single test report for all Master testcases, create one main Master testcase and add all the Master testcases in that and execute through a single job. NOTE: If you have different parameter files, topology files for each master testcase then I believe only the second way will work. Thanks!

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Correct connection or call Spirent Communications Support Services. Sync Topology Fault – SYNC MASTER LED on the chassis back panel is red. Invalid sync topology (sync cable topology may be connected in a loop).

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware New Features 4.78

As per the topology , SR-Anycast wizard requires a minimum of 4-ports to configure the Anycast nodes end-to-end. In this case Spirent TestCenter’s ingress or left-side ports are emulating SR- Anycast as core networks with DUT, and Spirent TestCenter’s right-side ports are used for non- Anycast SR ports which emulates ACE or SR access network.

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... 3 labels available to customize any label value on a dynamic stream from the traffic wizard – two configuration modes available Raw streams support large label stacks and the MPLS Experimental (EXP) bits Fully integrated with the traffic generator /analyzer and Multiplay for real-time traffic and results Configure complex tests quickly and easily with our 11 MPLS test configuration wizards Fast ReRoute Convergence Test Wizard builds complete FRR tests, Command Sequencer automated test, and a specialized results report Build your own custom topologies with our enhanced protocol configuration views

Spirent TestCenter LDP Testing

269 LDP Features Establish 100s of LDP sessions and Generate 1000s of LSPs per port Supports Direct Hellos, Transport mode, and Prefix LSPs Supports Targeted Hello type and VC LSPs Support for Downstream Unsolicited mode Support for generating and receiving implicit and explicit- null labels and user defined label space; FEC bindings for up to 3 labels Wizards to quickly configure MPLS label switched topologies 270

Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware Release Notes 4.70

Software  OpenFlow Switch Emulation: o OpenFlow v1.4 Support o Configurable Manufacturer Information o OSE Topology – Full Mesh o Total Connection Time  VXLAN EVPN Overlay Wizard with Enhanced L3VNI Features  VXLAN VTEP Multi-homing to Multiple Spines using VLANs


... standards supported (please refer to the TSN Standard Coverage table on next page) • True Preemption support allowing creation and scheduling of real preempted segments along with Express traffic at line rate • Standard specific wizards and result view allow easy to use and quick configuration and analysis possible • Mixed TSN and non-TSN traffic generation capability on each port • Highly scalable test topology with precise and consistent timing across the ports regardless of the scale • TSN specific metrics and statistics measurements • Highly accurate and precise timing measurements • Verification of precise synchronization ...

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... Bridging (Symmetric and Asymmetric) and IP Prefix (Type 5) route • PIM-ASM support in underlay for BUM traffic • VXLAN-EVPN Border Gateway (BGW) emulation in Multisite topology • VXLAN-EVPN Tenant Routed Multicast • DHCP/PPPoE/IGMP/MLD control plane over VXLAN-EVPN Overlay tunnel • VM Mobility between VTEPs and convergence measurement • Wizard to create simple to complex VXLAN configurations with traffic • Spirent’s unique traffic statistics to verify inner and outer addresses, VNIs, latency, packet loss • Spirent TestCenter ...

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 Supported on all cards Measure switchover of DUT <50ms with +/-10 nSec of precision Wizard builds the topology , topology emulation, and command sequence 198

Spirent TestCenter: How To Configure Routing Convergence Measurement Single-Hop BGP.

Launch the STC Routing Convergence Measurement wizard to build the topology . Step 1. Choose either a:

Sample configurations for MPLS 6PE/6VPE.

, under setup wizard, Configure Provider Routers step, uncheck 6VPE It is highly recommended to use the setup wizard to build the topology and configuration.

Does Spirent TestCenter v3.75 support MPLS 6PE/6VPE?

, under setup wizard, Configure Provider Routers step, uncheck 6VPE It is highly recommended to use the setup wizard to build the topology and configuration.

Spirent TestCenter Software - Spirent

Network infrastructure test user interface The Spirent TestCenter user interface emphasizes ease of use while offering very powerful capabilities and a high degree of flexibility. Its object-oriented interface simplifies the creation of multi-protocol topologies , while built -in wizards and configuration accelerators reduce the time-to-test.

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... dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 in all routing emulation and traffic generation allows users to test the migration of routed networks from IPv4 to IPv6 under realistic deployment scenarios • PIM-SM and PIM-SSM Multicast routers supports the most common Multicast routing protocols • Concurrent operation with Unicast routing protocols; run multiple Unicast and Multicast protocols concurrently on each port • All common attributes are dynamically configurable to easily build complex topologies • Multicast Routing Wizard quickly builds hundreds or thousands ... Integrated with traffic wizard to quickly build traffic between traffic ...