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Spirent TestCenter CTS: Configure IUT


This Video Demonstration is a narrated screen cam showing how to automate configuring the IUT (Implementation Under Test) during the Test Execution through the Test Suite Manager GUI. During the execution of a test case, you may be required to configure the IUT in order to trigger a specific IUT behavior. If you do not respond by configuring the IUT within the required time, the test case results will be incorrect. The IUT configuration can be done manually or it can be automated. Two methods of automation are available: IUT Automation through the Test Suite Manager GUI allows unattended test execution without requiring expertise in a scripting language. Tcl script for each test suite - Spirent Communications provides a script template that contains basic Tcl procedures. Test Suite Manager GUI is covered here. It discusses the structure of the IUT Automation XML file, how to enable IUT automation using the PIXIT_Automation.1 .2 .3 parameters, and Syncing the test execution with the IUT configuration and required configuration changes; especially when user intervention is required.

Course: Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Conformance Testing (CTS)
Series: Spirent TestCenter Continuing Education

Run Time: 17 min


Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2-3,CTS,Spirent TestCenter,IP