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---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter IQ---


Bookmark this page! All you need to know and get familiar with Spirent TestCenter IQ is here.

Spirent TestCenter IQ platform enables accelerated troubleshooting, reporting and testing cycles through a powerful set of customizable searching, charting, reporting, and event-monitoring tools, all controlled through an easy-to-navigate web graphical user interface.



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Overview Video

Training Videos

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  • Drill-Down Views
  • Default Profile Control
  • RFC 2544 Test Example with Report
  • Convergence Testing
  • Report Generation
  • Result Selector/Config Properties
  • Event Notification
  • Sharing Tests/Profiles/Views and Result Library Features
  • Automation
  • Tips/Tricks/Debugging

Press Release

Spirent TestCenter Solution Gets Smarter with IQ Monitoring and Analytics Capabilities

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Spirent TestCenter Software


Introducing Spirent TestCenter IQ


Reducing Network Testing Complexity

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