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Spirent TestCenter Automation HLTAPI Command Reference (5.51)


About This Manual: An overview of Spirent HLTAPI and the use of this manual. (The PDF format is attached. Click the link below to use the online format)
The Functions section is the core of the manual.  Each function is introduced and its usage is described. All supported protocols are covered, as well as some test control functions.
Each function is documented with the following information:

  • Purpose - General overview of the purpose of the function and related concepts.
  • Synopsis - List of all function arguments.
  • Arguments - Argument description including function, dependencies, value range, and default value.
  • Arguments Unsupported by Save as HLTAPI - Arguments currently not supported by Save as HLTAPI.
  • Cisco Specific Arguments - Arguments specific to Cisco HLTAPI but not supported by Spirent HLTAPI.
  • Return Values - What the function returns when you invoke it.
  • Description - A general walk-through of the function.
  • Examples - Code snippets of specific configurations in Tcl, Python and Perl.
  • Notes - Additional information, where necessary.
  • Appendix A is a list of Spirent HLTAPI functions that support multiple protocols on the same device.
  • Appendix B is a list of the Spirent TestCenter properties available for the sth::drv_stats function.

Click Spirent TestCenter Automation HLTAPI Command Reference to view the online format.

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Spirent TestCenter Automation HLTAPI Command Reference (5.51)

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