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FAQ11552 what is the required Power Consumption & rack dimensions for 8100 Racks? 14699 Mar 13, 2012
FAQ10205 Spirent TestCenter: Why do I get “ERROR - in perform: Validation failed: Generate Stream Block from pcap file 1 : No TShark is installed" when I try to generate streamblock from Wireshark capture files using TCL? 19931 Nov 05, 2013
FAQ10442 How do I record a history of my inputted commands and output in UNIX? 4833 Jun 30, 2011
FAQ10416 Why are circuits not being placed in Service? 6281 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10154 What is the difference between common mode and differential mode noise? 21156 Jun 28, 2011
FAQ10235 Can any bit/bits error in STC signature (totally 20B or 160 bits) be captured and tracked? 4606 Jun 01, 2011
FAQ10305 Since the Lab Server runs the BLL, are the resources required on client PCs reduced? 3382 Jun 03, 2011
FAQ13440 How to Configure SVN Server on Windows and how to Checkout projects into iTest from SVN server? 9366 Jul 01, 2013
FAQ16772 Spirent TestCenter: Why does TWAMP state show Established but in Test Sessions window show Idle? 6644 Jun 16, 2015
FAQ12357 Spirent TestCenter: Automation- TCL Error message 'can't find package Spirent TestCenter' 14188 Sep 16, 2013
FAQ12389 Spirent TestCenter: IPv6 Raw StreamBlock when issuing Neighbor Discovery (ND) will not resolve and traffic not flow, if the host exists on the same port with the same IP address and different Source Mac Address 4968 Sep 11, 2013
FAQ11607 Spirent TestCenter : How to configure specific burst packet in Spirent TestCenter? 9790 Sep 13, 2013
FAQ14322 iTest: How to download iTest Lab Optimizer(iLO) database from iTest Team Essentials(ITE) server 4375 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ14306 iTest: How can we include all the steps in test report neglecting the "include this step and its children in "Test report" option of test case step ? 15155 Sep 23, 2013
FAQ14018 Spirent TestCenter : In the card feature matrix for some of the modules, what does "6 first 1024" scale of VFDs mean? 4473 Aug 04, 2013
FAQ11860 Spirent Studio: How can I reach the Mu Dynamics Online Support Resources site? 8318 Oct 01, 2013
FAQ15347 Spirent TestCenter :How to Send Ping packets using diffrent frame size to test DUT. 12696 Apr 17, 2014
FAQ16440 Avalanche: Does Username and Password change after renewing / updating the Subscription? 2947 Jan 28, 2015
FAQ14347 Wireline: The noise levels and shape from the unit: DLS5103 are off how can I solve this problem? 6767 Sep 26, 2013
FAQ17415 GSS9XXX: What is the Maximum Reverse RF power for the front RF ports 2678 Jun 08, 2016
FAQ15403 Spirent TestCenter: How do I set the sync rate to 64pps in IEEE 1588? 4961 Jan 26, 2015
FAQ10839 Max number of subnets or associations in Avalanche Commander 3008 Nov 09, 2016
FAQ13667 Abacus: Is it normal for Abacus to shut down when system capacity is exceeded? 5412 Apr 23, 2013
FAQ13448 I'm using one gig port in Avalanche 3100B and I'm using the whole available memory size. How can I extend avalanche memory pool size for my tests with large content files ? 3108 Mar 20, 2013
FAQ14428 Avalanche: what version of SMB does the Avalanche support? 4659 Dec 17, 2014
FAQ14599 iTest: How to make all the variables to be global in a test case? 2461 Nov 11, 2013
FAQ14590 Wireless CDMA: eHRPD SC test case 2.6 fails, what should I check? 9742 Nov 10, 2013
FAQ14049 Spirent TestCenter: Can the DX2 card support mixed use of 40G/10G ports with 40G on some port groups and 10G on other port groups? 3993 Nov 04, 2013
FAQ13920 Avalanche: What is the current version of G729 and does it support VAD (Voice Activity Detection)? 5765 Jul 11, 2013
FAQ13065 How to configure iTest license server with multiple license files (No lmtools) and start it at windows startup or logon 4040 Feb 12, 2013
FAQ16228 Avalanche: Automation - what is the Linux, Tcl and Java environment used by Spirent's PV group? 6725 Dec 03, 2014
FAQ10896 Spirent TestCenter : How to use the Mask when configuring a Modifier? 4836 Feb 05, 2014
FAQ11827 Why my STC GUI crashes with Windows Server 2008? 4309 May 06, 2012
FAQ16189 iTest: Is there an option to clear all the break points in a test case at once? 2826 Nov 21, 2014
FAQ12876 Configuring SVN server on ubuntu and checking out projects into iTest from SVN server. 4846 Feb 11, 2013
FAQ12940 In iTest IxNetwork session, when executing the command “start protocols <port list>” it is displaying successful message even the protocol has not started successfully 3167 Feb 10, 2013
FAQ12943 How can we convert Tests from the Layer 4-7 Application into Tcl scripts? 5651 Dec 25, 2012
FAQ10041 What information do I need to provide when requesting an Avalanche / ThreatEx / DPG (Dynamic Protocol Generator) knowledge base account? 8028 Dec 21, 2012
FAQ16237 iTest: What are the features that were implemented in iTest 4.4 compare to 4.3.1. 2575 Dec 10, 2014
FAQ15942 Avalanche: How many ports are supported per Avalanche Anywhere VM? 3185 Sep 10, 2014
FAQ13053 Why is Spirent TestCenter showing a Font error message after successful installation on Windows 7 ? 5034 Jan 08, 2013
FAQ13052 Do post 4.10 releases of Avalanche support GUI to TCL conversion to the legacy API? 4079 Jan 07, 2013
FAQ12897 How to change UE's R-UIM(NV only) configuration so that cell phone can run Test Drive II cases or perform CDMA SC or Data test without a UIM card. 8622 Dec 16, 2012
FAQ12750 Abacus: Is it possible for Abacus to detect a tone and report the level of the tone received? 6615 Nov 27, 2012
FAQ12782 How to build a Wake on LAN packet using SpirentTestCenter 6216 Nov 21, 2012
FAQ16151 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: What is the unit of CounterTimestamp an attribute of AnalyzerPortResults and from where is it derived. 2754 Nov 11, 2014
FAQ14910 Wireless SC10: Controller PC image can not boot up, how to resolve? 6283 Jan 25, 2014
FAQ11761 Does Avalanche support OSPF? 4456 Apr 23, 2012
FAQ11743 When run LTE test cases, how can I solve Connection to instruments failed caused by LS connection failed which appeared in eAirAccess 10386 Apr 18, 2012
FAQ11086 How do I export results with more than 100 records to a CSV with the Export Result command using command sequencer? 4590 Mar 23, 2012
FAQ13531 iTest: How to get the test report state (PASS/FAIL/INDETERMINATE) before the test case execution ends? 2969 Jan 23, 2014
FAQ13345 iTest: How to make the iTest VNC client session type to work with Windows machines 3180 Jan 23, 2014
FAQ14882 Abacus: I got an script holdoff error when I run a test with CAS signaling. What is the reason for the error and what should I do? 11783 Jan 16, 2014
FAQ13608 Spirent TestCenter: How can BGP emulate peering with DUT using loopback addresses? 6688 Dec 31, 2013
FAQ11721 Abacus: I got a Path Confirmation Error when I am testing a conference call with Abacus. What has happened? 4896 Apr 18, 2012
FAQ11001 Why do I get this error "can't find package SPI_AV" when I try to run a TCL script for Avalanche 4070 Apr 18, 2012
FAQ11415 Some times unable to delete the Spirent TestCenter user created chart completely using “Change Result View -> Enable View -> Delete View” in the GUI 3724 Mar 18, 2012
FAQ14713 iTest: From iTest, how to verify whether a File Exists (at a desired location) or not? 2645 Dec 10, 2013
FAQ14684 iTest: How to create a single table response map for multiple samples of a command with different banner/column widths? 3145 Jan 22, 2014
FAQ11528 Does Abacus support SIP over IPSec? 5295 Mar 06, 2012
FAQ11680 How to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in RHEL Linux environment for Avalanche API? 6134 Apr 01, 2012
FAQ10166 Landslide: How do I upgrade a Landslide Test Server and Test suite using coast_W.X.Y.Z.tsu and COAST.W.X.Y.Z.ste files? 4849 Jul 15, 2013
FAQ14407 iTest Lab Optimizer: How does an iTest Lab Optimizer calls the procedures in the driver testcase ? 2667 Oct 10, 2013
FAQ11678 How to find the currently Installed version of java in Linux (RHEL) Environment? 5170 Apr 01, 2012
FAQ11787 Why I can't see the test case parameters for DAM 17397 suite for 8100-UCR 7668 May 01, 2012
FAQ11648 What's the difference between Commands and Command Objects in SpirentTestCenter API? 5469 Mar 26, 2012
FAQ11647 Can we download license file into chassis by using SpirentTestCenter API? 5596 Mar 26, 2012
FAQ14466 iTest Lab Optimizer: How to avoid the exception "Database error : org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection" which will occur while logging into the iLO through web browser? 3407 Oct 25, 2013
FAQ10911 Where can I download the WebEx Recorder/Player application? 3853 Oct 10, 2011
FAQ10610 When I verify my tests in Testdrive EVDO and TASKIT C2K, sometime it does nothing; no Pass or Fail. The results windows is blank. Why is that? 8488 Jul 24, 2011
FAQ13890 Positioning Application, SimCHAN: How do I set-up the PC HDD to work with PosApp or SimCHAN? 4083 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ13775 Spirent TestCenter : Can we simulate OSPF DR and BDR/DR Other routers together on same port? 6828 Jun 04, 2013
FAQ15643 Landslide: C50 - LNS Nodal - What are the Max number of Virtual LACs to be emulated ? 2839 Jun 24, 2014
FAQ10957 What SIM card do I have to use for 17397 Device Aggression Management (a.k.a DAM) testing? 6032 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ10962 When test IPoATM with STC card, how to check the cell count statistics 2807 Dec 05, 2011
FAQ12734 How to configure LG Revolution (VS910) device work in LTE/eHRPD wireless network? 21134 Nov 06, 2012
FAQ12727 Why TDII shows error "FAILED - Wireless Channel Emulator Configuration. Value out of range" at the beginning of the test? 10820 Nov 04, 2012
FAQ12677 Why I can't select system configuration from config menu for TASKIT/PLTS 8111 Oct 25, 2012
FAQ10234 Why am I getting excessive errors when run test to any access point on DTAU? 6916 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ15576 VR5: What is insertion delay for VR5? 4979 Jun 06, 2014
FAQ11109 How do I configure random TLLI from UMTS test case on Landslide? 12465 Nov 28, 2011
FAQ11096 Why I see the red block screen of SR5500 Testkit in the GUI 9508 Nov 21, 2011
FAQ11008 How to run SUPL 2.0 con-050 and con-130 case 2: Inside event type 5891 Oct 27, 2011
FAQ11410 Abacus: I am running a simple SIP call test with my ICG card. But I don't see any packets going out of the card. Why? 4036 Feb 08, 2012
FAQ14307 Avalanche: Why do we get ERROR: "(protocol_exception) AblLimitedException:Cannot start ABL server. Maximum of attempts to start ABL is reached." when we use the new Avalanche API on Linux? 5300 Jul 02, 2014
FAQ13819 Positioning Application: Can user actions / remote command files with .act / .ucd file extensions be used instead of .cmd file types, and vice versa? 3350 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ10365 Positioning Application: What is the format of the Galileo nav data binary symbols dump files? 9289 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ17394 VR5:CRITICAL DSPB Other Error: 0x0B 3477 May 23, 2016
FAQ16532 Avalanche: Does FPGA (A field-programmable gate array) provide hardware acceleration for SecureSocketLayer handshake. 3545 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12307 Why does Spirent TestCenter show DHCP's state as "Bound" even though some clients did not bind? 11230 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ16932 Avalanche: Is it possible to set TTL value on packets. 3531 Aug 12, 2015
FAQ11481 Avalanche: http / https POST action list examples 28468 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ11504 Does Spirent hardware require any special handling to prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage? 4494 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ16845 Spirent TestCenter-JTAPI:How to stop a particular routing protocol? 4580 Jul 07, 2015
FAQ16823 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI:Does HLTAPI support GRE encapsulation and L2GreTunnelLink? 4150 Jul 07, 2015
FAQ18010 [Avalanche]: Can STC chassis be rebooted remotely using Avalanche Commander GUI? 6542 Jun 20, 2017
FAQ10883 I get a password error when running test cases from the at&t 17397 Device Aggression Management test suite. What passwords do I need? 6197 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ12695 I have entered the correct password in eAirAccess v1.4.0 but the old ASA date is showing and I can not remove the new password. 9920 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ16120 Avalanche virtual: HTTPS back to back with IPv6 fails? 3378 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12753 8100 Radio Access: T-Mobile Data Throughput - Why do I get low uplink - but very high downlink throughput while executing FTP Bi-Directional tests? 14832 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ13420 Spirent TestCenter: What is the streamblock default frame header modifier mask value for IPv6 and IPv4 in TestCenter? 2453 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10884 8100 Radio Access: 17545 Voice Quality test suite - I get a password error when running test cases. What passwords do I need? 6432 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ16944 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: Which are API to break and restore link using HLTAPI Python? 4561 Aug 17, 2015
FAQ11501 How do I configure the SGW Nodal test case on Landslide when the ARP resolution is longer than expected? 4569 Feb 29, 2012
FAQ12931 What types of video files are supported for RTSP/RTP testing using Avalanche? 12267 Dec 24, 2012
FAQ11253 Abacus: Is the AMR-WB Codec supported on Abacus 5000, and how do I configure Abacus to use the AMR-WB Codec? 18525 May 31, 2013
FAQ13038 Why the Spirent TestCenter Virtual (STCv) 10G port only reach 30% load when set as 10G? 6256 Dec 31, 2012
FAQ13887 Spirent TestCenter: Is the VQA (video quality analyzer) "Video Frame Rate" counter the video stream's packet rate or video's encoded frame rate? 9733 Jul 02, 2013
FAQ13885 Avalanche: why does the voice sounds distorted from a decoded G729AB stream of a SIPNG test? 4669 Jul 02, 2013
FAQ12780 How to create multiple ISIS LSPs in Spirent TestCenter? 8650 Nov 20, 2012
FAQ15772 Spirent TestCenter: What is an EDM-3002A module? 4773 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ13749 Spirent TestCenter 4.20 - having trouble running high scale routing or access tests, running out of module memory 3430 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ13880 What about the iTest interpreter and the Tcl interpreter? 4556 Jun 28, 2013
FAQ13181 Abacus: How can I reduce the bandwidth used in a VoIP testing? 5288 Jan 31, 2013
FAQ11583 How to verify the Spirent Testcenter frame size? 4219 Mar 20, 2012
FAQ11492 What is the GSS6560? 11258 Mar 19, 2012
FAQ12506 Abacus: How do I know my Abacus 5000 system configuration has the latest software / firmware updates? 4643 Oct 26, 2012
FAQ13045 Why I can't install 4.15.1196 lsVM package via STC GUI when I downloaded from CSC website? 4310 Jan 09, 2013
FAQ15844 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: How to get TCL for STC 4.15 version. 5830 Aug 12, 2014
FAQ12003 How to test l2-l3 Link Fault Signaling using Spirent TestCenter? 4708 Jun 14, 2012
FAQ12394 When we perform a stateful ThreatEx test in Avalanche, what are exactly the "packets sent" and "packets received" in the "Attack Real-Time" results? 5758 Aug 23, 2012
FAQ10027 What is the difference between Stateful, Stateless and RAW threats in the Avalanche attack list? 9524 Aug 03, 2012
FAQ12558 Why I cannot get realtime statistic from Avalanche Analyzer when Generate PDF report using v4.10? 5317 Sep 28, 2012
FAQ11960 Why am I getting "server timeout" when I try to add a Spirent TestCenter (STC) chassis into my Avalanche GUI? 5110 Jun 06, 2012
FAQ11953 Where can I get performance figures for the various Avalanche appliances and Spirent TestCenter (STC) cards that support Avalanche? 3923 Jun 04, 2012
FAQ12149 Can I use router ID instead of interface IP to establish BGP between Spirent TestCenter and routers under test? 5869 Jul 03, 2012
FAQ12135 Why my Spirent Testcenter script getting the following error:"Load (-86 Inter-frame-gap bytes) is less than acceptable minimum (12 bytes)"? 4060 Jul 02, 2012
FAQ10567 Cannot upload files to the GSS6400 using SATA 3840 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ11611 Which commands will be executed when I click “Sync with DUT” button in Spirent Testcenter CTS when using IUT automation feature? 7782 Mar 22, 2012
FAQ10870 Aabcus: Does Abacus support sending of SUBSCRIBE message and BLF over SIP protocol? 5712 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ12131 I have an SR5078 in my APEX rack. There are two setup when running Testdrive II; one is for data and the other is for SC. How do I know what tests support which setup? 5949 Jun 29, 2012
FAQ11870 Why is my RTSP Avalanche test failing with event log error: "RTSP Detailed Error Tracking: RTSP Session..."...InvalidHeaderException:Can not parse string "Last-Modified: " 5898 May 29, 2012
FAQ12593 When does Avalanche legacy API stop being compatible/supported on new releases of Avalanche? 4832 Oct 09, 2012
FAQ15457 iTest: Can't checkout a license for the selected product edition! Support license has expired 3098 May 08, 2014
FAQ15737 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: How to delete sequencer handles using native APIs 3635 Jul 18, 2014
FAQ12388 Abacus: I am running a RFC 2833 test, and I am seeing missing packets. What are the probable cause of this? 5363 Aug 27, 2012
FAQ12380 Abacus - Analog Line Signaling: How does Abacus know the calling side has hung up so that it can release the call? 5648 Aug 27, 2012
FAQ10254 How do I change my test ports around in the Avalanche Layer 4 Layer 7 GUI? 3694 Aug 03, 2012
FAQ11790 Why after I have upgraded My Spirent Test Center (STC) Chassis and Cards, do the CPU cards still show the old version Number 3323 Aug 03, 2012
FAQ12618 How to clear device EVDO session for CDMA products? 7771 Oct 15, 2012
FAQ11833 Abacus: Does Abacus support a "Central Management" software to control the resources for multiple users? 2964 May 24, 2012
FAQ11318 Why do I always see 50% performance if I ran GPRS Mobility test on Landslide? 9283 Jan 18, 2012
FAQ10904 Why does Avalanche client reuse the same IP every 3 second in DNS retires? 5343 Dec 19, 2011
FAQ10983 What are examples of command line target strings for fetching circuit request from NSDB or TIRKS to React 2001? 8160 Oct 24, 2011
FAQ10953 Why there's location in the detailed results screen in the graph and text but it's empty in the table view? 7510 Oct 20, 2011
FAQ10952 ULTS can't run any test and having error of database lock up? 5631 Oct 20, 2011
FAQ14750 SimGEN: What is the format of the LAAS RS232 output? 2796 Aug 14, 2014
FAQ12614 Why does Spirent TestCenter Manual based Scheduling mode loop column set for 100,000 only loops 34,465 times? 5425 Oct 12, 2012
FAQ14524 iTest : How to use response map for a particular step in the test case ? 5602 Sep 24, 2014
FAQ14865 Spirent TestCenter: Procedure to change BGP IPv4 route count 5921 Jan 09, 2014
FAQ13270 iTest: How to execute test suites using the command line version of iTest? 3420 Jan 09, 2014
FAQ14743 iTest: How to repeat a step for certain number of times & then abort the test when it reached the max limit? 2588 Dec 16, 2013
FAQ14946 VDT-CT: Whether the GPS data block is needed for importing 7451 Feb 07, 2014
FAQ12786 Spirent TestCenter: Are Spirent TestCenter 10G ports able to report Diffserv results in the result browser? 7816 Jul 18, 2014
FAQ13705 In iTest, can we use the preference settings of one workspace in other/different workspaces? 2614 May 02, 2013
FAQ13435 How to create a Spirent TestCenter streamblock with GTP header plus Custom header using TCL API? 7671 Mar 19, 2013
FAQ13412 How to setup the DMF name as a variable into the LSTAPI on Landslide? 4438 Mar 14, 2013
FAQ15891 STCLive T&D: Why is second access I make via STCLive T&D showing access information from the first test? 3260 Aug 21, 2014
FAQ12159 What does it mean when PosApp reports that it cannot configure Windows Firewall? 3815 Aug 21, 2014
FAQ13406 How do I change the size of the physical log used by INFORMIX on either REACT or STCLive applications? 6400 Mar 13, 2013
FAQ12382 What Avalanche hardware and software can be used with Spirent TestExpert (STE) 1.4? 5057 Apr 03, 2013
FAQ15603 iTest: When do we get "(lmgrd) Got Message from Unknown Vendor Daemon : spirentd - ignoring" when starting the iTest license server? 3648 Jun 12, 2014
FAQ15648 iTest: "Could not open the editor: The editor class could not be instantiated" Error 3048 Jun 30, 2014
FAQ14709 iTest: How can I get iTest temporary license file ? 2405 Jan 16, 2014
FAQ11494 Positioning: What is SimPLEX software? 11401 Apr 12, 2017
FAQ11909 Avalanche: Why does my test abort with a SIGSEGV error in event log? 4123 Dec 02, 2013
FAQ10223 Spirent TestCenter : Why do I see frame check sequence (FCS) error on TX port capture? 13499 Aug 25, 2013
FAQ13227 Does my GSS5300 output Wi-Fi channel 14? 3540 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ13973 Landslide: Why get an error message "There must be a local loop-back port starting pool address if number of nodes is filled out"in the Test Server Administration window? 4640 Jul 26, 2013
FAQ11448 Spirent TestCenter: Where do I find link status events on test ports? 5249 Jun 01, 2020
FAQ14725 iTest: How to create Custom Queries for a Response Map? 5454 Dec 09, 2013
FAQ14677 Spirent TestCenter: How do I adjust the Bit Rate readings for Aggregate Port L1 Tx and Rx Rate Speedometer? 3852 Nov 27, 2013
FAQ14213 Perform, TINT Gateway: Why don't access points build that appear on WORD between same SCID? 5888 Sep 09, 2013
FAQ17215 Spirent TestCenter-API:How to retrieve the EOAM Ais results? 4528 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ14298 iTest Lab Optimizer: Does the iLO utilization page represents the utilization information in Graphical fashion ? 2613 Nov 05, 2013
FAQ14579 Abacus: I have no problem in running tests on my 2 Abacus Systems separately. However, when I try to run tests on these 2 systems from the same GUI simultaneously, I am unable to do that. What is the problem? 4926 Nov 07, 2013
FAQ11640 Avalanche: Does Avalanche support HTTP and HTTPS cookies? 7395 Dec 09, 2013
FAQ16549 Positioning Application: Do I need to update my firmware or FPGA when using when using PosApp version 5.03SR01 6015 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ14336 Spirent TestCenter: Is there an ability to add a sum row in any of the result windows on the GUI? 2468 Sep 28, 2013
FAQ14592 iTest : What is the difference between contain extractor of type regex and regex extractor in analysis rules? 2718 Nov 10, 2013
FAQ10034 Spirent TestCenter : What is the maximum latency Spirent TestCenter can detect ? 5707 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ14313 Spirent TestCenter: Why can't I read a 4.03 configuration file in version 3.90 15561 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ13933 TestCenter: In Results Reporter what is reason when I click File- Open -Results Database or Folder the window to browse the file is not launching/popping up? 4193 Jul 16, 2013
FAQ17013 SimGEN: How can I turn off individual frequencies on or off whilst a scenario is running, for example keep L1 on but turn L2 off? 3433 Dec 03, 2015
FAQ16776 VR5: Why I see Failed to configure Ensemble Operation? 4734 Jun 07, 2015
FAQ14995 Abacus: I got a No Ring Back Failure when testing FAX with analog line. What is the problem? 7271 Feb 18, 2014
FAQ15167 MIMO-OTA: Unstable when use LAN communications via NI VISA 5888 Mar 20, 2014
FAQ16993 VR5: What is the difference between additiional VR5 mode and Ensemble VR5 mode ? 4718 Sep 18, 2015
FAQ16860 iTest: Support to include the Manual Steps During Debug Sessions in Test Reports. 3624 Jul 13, 2015
FAQ16945 Spirent TestCenter: Where to set the MPLS LSP "Reliable" and Aggregate" options? 6094 Aug 17, 2015
FAQ15123 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: How to subscribe and display Rx stream results via Tcl script 5902 Mar 11, 2014
FAQ15010 iTest:What environment variables are required to execute Avalanche-generated Tcl test scripts in pass-through mode from iTest? 3002 Feb 24, 2014
FAQ16414 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: Do we support frame size option "Auto"? 4336 Jan 22, 2015
FAQ16838 Spirent TestCenter-JTAPI: Does JTAPI have any API to modify existing streamblocks? 3761 Jul 06, 2015
FAQ16755 Positioning Application: When using data logging, what is the difference between selecting the 'by channel' option and not selecting it? 4712 May 29, 2015
FAQ15451 Spirent TestCenter: Is there a way to make changes to the next used IPv4 address persistent across invocations of the Spirent TestCenter GUI? 2427 May 08, 2014
FAQ14400 GNSS Positioning Simulators: Can I use a GPIB to USB converter to control my simulator with a laptop? 4314 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ13910 Positioning Application: Is WinPcap required to run PosApp? 3283 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15382 Butler Matrix: When connecting the simulator output to the Input 0 is there any phase difference from original simulator output? 4187 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ11462 Why Spirent TestCenter Virtual (STCv) VM ports do not come up after setting for a Port Group Size of 4? 5550 May 21, 2014
FAQ14484 Spirent Test Center: Can Spirent Test Center do IPv6 6rd/6to4? 9019 May 05, 2014
FAQ14987 Positioning Application: Can I add to the selection of simulation iteration rates? 3595 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ16737 Spirent TestCenter: What happens with failures in command sequencer? 3442 May 20, 2015
FAQ16674 Avalanche / Avalanche NEXT: Are there any Functionality / Performance or Compatibility risks on applying regular McAfee AV updates or WSUS? 4532 Apr 21, 2015
FAQ14116 Positioning Application: Why is the GPS minimum received power level -130dBm and not -128.5dBm as per the IS-GPS-200 ? 10066 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ13942 Positioning Application: Can I get a Dilution Of Precision (DOP) value of less than 1? 10401 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ13750 Positioning Application: How do I modify the UTC offset? 3548 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ15816 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: Tcl script to load the .tcc file and to configure the ports. 6113 Aug 07, 2014
FAQ16665 Spirent TestCenter : How to set the repeated data pattern in the payload? 4552 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16718 iTest: Support OS versions for license server 4343 May 12, 2015
FAQ12655 How to pull Spirent TestCenter RFC stats from the database files using a script? 4209 Oct 20, 2012
FAQ15420 Spirent TestCenter: Can two ports configured with SyncE protocol be in Master state? 4316 Apr 30, 2014
FAQ13261 Spirent TestCenter: During installation a pop appears asking if want to install Device Commander. What is Device Commander and do I need it? 6923 Oct 23, 2014
FAQ11928 How do I change my password on the Customer Service Center (CSC)? 4948 Mar 09, 2016
FAQ17323 VR5: Where to find channel model definitions in VR5 library? 3542 Apr 06, 2016
FAQ12368 Is it possible to do a intra-MME S1 handover with the MME Nodal test case on Landslide? 6356 Aug 10, 2012
FAQ17262 Spirent TestCenter:Does L1 GUI works simultaneously when we are using L1 GUI and sending traffic as well? 2361 Mar 10, 2016
FAQ16076 Positioning Application: Why are pseudoranges different between GPS and BeiDou Geodetic Models? 5143 Oct 20, 2014
FAQ12076 What is the difference between open and established in IPSec Tunnels panel when using Avalanche to test IPSec? 2418 Jun 27, 2012
FAQ10024 Where does Spirent get its threats for Avalanche / ThreatEx? 10148 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ17350 REACT: Why is firmware download job reporting "Run halted because time limit expired. Percent complete: 95.00"? 2756 Apr 20, 2016
FAQ14689 Avalanche: How to add port information in a get request for IPv6? 12959 Aug 01, 2017
FAQ17283 Spirent iTest: What is the Spirent TestCenter native API command to get the single handle details from iTest? 2577 Mar 17, 2016
FAQ17282 Spirent iTest: What is the Spirent TestCenter native API command to start ARP on the specific Stream Block from iTest? 2586 Mar 17, 2016
FAQ12089 After upgrading Radio Access to the latest version my system claims that the passwords are expired 11215 Jul 11, 2012
FAQ11986 Why are the DHCP statistics blank in the Avalanche client summary results? 6694 Jun 12, 2012
FAQ12177 Abacus: Does TuroRTP support the marking of DSCP / DiffServ / TOS setting? 2707 Jul 16, 2012
FAQ11491 GSS6100: What is the GSS6100? 12740 Oct 13, 2014
FAQ12029 Abacus: I am using Abacus to send calls to an external device, and I got an unexpected disconnect error. What can I do on this? 2915 Jul 16, 2012
FAQ11232 STC supports Auto-MDIX already (if you cannot link up, you may want to check) 6649 Aug 27, 2012
FAQ11745 What is the "Burst size" and "Burst Interval" meaning in Avalanche Commander/Server/Profile/FTP? 13482 Jun 06, 2012
FAQ11966 Does Abacus support BRI/ETSI, for S/T Interface? 7928 Jun 06, 2012
FAQ16112 Spirent TestCenter: How to create and generate Ethernet Snap frame? 4269 Oct 29, 2014
FAQ11961 How can I force a user off, and reserve ports using Spirent TestCenter PERL API? 6945 Jun 06, 2012
FAQ11952 Why am I seeing inconsistencies between client and server real time attack results on Avalanche? 4162 Jun 04, 2012
FAQ11947 No response after selection GPP-A from Putty log of E2010S 12644 Jun 02, 2012
FAQ11794 Why does a CV-10G-S8 module intermittently show, in "Equipment Information", "Down""in the "Test Module" tab and "Error"in the "Port Group" tab? 8659 Jun 01, 2012
FAQ16033 Wireless CDMA SC: C.S0043 test case 1.4.1 throw exception "SelectProtocol(): Invalid input argument", how to resolve it? 8973 Oct 08, 2014
FAQ12392 What does a flashing red Status LED on the front panel of a SMB-600B or SMB6000C mean error wise? 3402 Aug 23, 2012
FAQ12393 Why Spirent TestCenter does not send traffic when set to send just one frame? 5387 Aug 23, 2012
FAQ15011 Spirent TestCenter: Link Discovery Mode setting - Why and where it is being used and for what purpose we need this? 4973 Jun 02, 2017
FAQ18812 Spirent TestCenter: Can any CFP2 to QSFP28 adapter be used with the DX2-100G-P4 module? 4873 Apr 29, 2019
FAQ17790 The ability to Insert FCS errors on stream blocks on the grid view 2832 Dec 01, 2016
FAQ17653 Spirent TestCenter: Any idea on maximum number of test ports that can be configured using Docker image? 2789 Sep 10, 2016
FAQ17718 Spirent TestCenter: Results Reporter, how to edit available Java memory 3603 Oct 10, 2016
FAQ11369 Positioning Application: Is it possible to remove the 100Hz meander sequence from the GLONASS simulated signal? 4507 Aug 23, 2016
FAQ17371 Spirent TestCenter: GUI is not showing the PPM value entered or GUI Display is not clear 2961 May 06, 2016
FAQ17622 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: What is the API to set router list for DHCP server config? 4046 Aug 28, 2016
FAQ17735 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: How to enable to the IPV4 control block Don't fragment bit ? 3401 Oct 20, 2016
FAQ18364 REACT: Getting status message “Client security level is not compatible with the server configuration” when trying to change a password. 3271 Mar 30, 2018
FAQ19131 Spirent TestCenter – 配置DHCP Relay (中继代理) 功能测试的技巧 3545 Apr 15, 2020
FAQ19133 Spirent TestCenter: How to obtain debug logs on Spirent TestCenter Application? 2821 Apr 16, 2020
FAQ18564 TTworkbench: How to synchronize the logging events in the graphical and textual logging view? 3132 Nov 11, 2018
FAQ17618 TTworkbench: How to *.mp file(TTCN-2) to TTCN-3 source? 3139 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ17591 TTworkbench: May I define recursive data type structures in TTCN-3? 2557 Jul 04, 2018
FAQ17555 TTworkbench: How to call a module parameter in Test Adapter(TA)? 3760 Jan 29, 2017
FAQ17531 TTworkbench: Where to find log files for detailed debugging using TTworkbench? 4748 Jan 29, 2017
FAQ13998 Positioning Application: What method do Spirent use to generate the Pseudo Y code in their GPS-capable simulators? 9960 Jun 18, 2017
FAQ18302 Paragon: How to check if a license is required for a specific feature? 3753 Feb 22, 2018
FAQ18565 GNSS: What are the default signal power levels used by PosApp for the GNSS constellations, and why are these values used? 6606 Oct 02, 2018
FAQ17571 TTworkbench: Where to find the User's Guide of TTworkbench/TTsuite/TTplugin? 3527 Feb 27, 2017
FAQ17570 TTworkbench: Ho to use a successfully installed TTsuite? 2840 Feb 27, 2017
FAQ18951 TTworkbench: How to create test report after test execution? 3397 Oct 23, 2019
FAQ13519 Umetrix Voice: Troubleshooting Techniques for Mobile Originated Calls That Drop Immediately 6047 May 13, 2019
FAQ13559 Umetrix Data: Items are Missing From Umetrix Database Project 6043 May 13, 2019
FAQ18596 MARTS: Why is access failing with error SNCN Power Supply Fault? 4073 Nov 08, 2018
FAQ18919 Spirent TestCenter: Is STCv supported on AWS? 2507 Nov 25, 2020
FAQ18671 Spirent TestCenter: Does the IPv4 gateway address that is negotiated in the DHCP router option 3 populate the GUI anywhere? 4438 Jan 16, 2019
FAQ18748 Spirent iTest: How to download last APT License server for windows? 3855 Mar 11, 2019
FAQ17607 TTworkbench: Is TTCN-3 object-oriented? 2612 Nov 11, 2018
FAQ19216 Spirent TestCenter: How can I stop advertising BGP routes without sending withdraw messages on STC? 3269 May 20, 2020
FAQ19173 Spirent TestCenter: Why the backup license server throws an error saying Can not find licenses file, when issuing server status command? 3649 Apr 27, 2020
FAQ18989 Spirent TestCenter: Is it possible to modify the number of BGP devices 3517 Dec 16, 2019
FAQ18603 Spirent iTest: Why eval step window does not display the value of the variable when using Python interpreter? 5191 Nov 19, 2018
FAQ18591 TTworkbench: How to solve the issue "License invalid, please contact support for further assistance." 4481 Nov 04, 2018
FAQ19201 Spirent TestCenter: d-LDP sessions are not satying up after starting traffic. 3352 May 14, 2020
FAQ13229 Spirent TestCenter (GUI and Automation) Error: "Create relation failed: hnd(abc)" while reserving ports or executing stc::perform Attachports API 3617 Jul 29, 2019
FAQ19189 Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure 802.11 using DHCP on Spirent Emulated Devices? 3451 May 05, 2020
FAQ15791 Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC): How can I email content I find on the Spirent Knowledge Base to someone else? 5828 Mar 06, 2019
FAQ18792 Spirent TestCenter: Why is there Uncorrected FEC error count in FEC Counters? 4275 Apr 16, 2019
FAQ19119 Spirent TestCenter: How to enable Port Grouping and Routing on a PX3 test module 3291 Apr 09, 2020
FAQ19053 Spirent TestCenter: How can I hide the MAC and interface details shown in the port details of a Spirent port? 3305 Feb 20, 2020
FAQ13323 Positioning Application: What method do Spirent use to generate the PRS noise code sequence in the Galileo-capable simulators? 7504 May 21, 2019
FAQ19349 Spirent TestCenter - What transceiver type should I use to connect a DX2-100G-P4 test module to 2x40G or 8x10G fiber breakout adapter / cable? 3582 Sep 25, 2020
FAQ10293 Spirent TestCenter: How can we capture out of sequence (OOS) packets? 8142 Sep 28, 2020
FAQ19365 Spirent TestCenter: Why if I set a WiFi client HE to NONE, it does not constrain it to VHT? 3052 Oct 02, 2020
FAQ19440 Spirent TestCenter - Are chassis N4U/N11U usable at 50 and 60Hz? 2981 Nov 06, 2020
FAQ19430 Attero: How do you upgrade an Attero 100G (A100) instrument? 3417 Nov 03, 2020
FAQ19609 Spirent TestCenter: How to reboot a chassis in a sync chain? 4185 May 04, 2021
FAQ19766 Spirent TestCenter: How to identify Ether type from config? 2063 Sep 27, 2021
FAQ15369 VisionWorks PM: What do errors in the Collection Status of VisionWorks PM indicate? 5518 Aug 06, 2020
FAQ16439 Spirent TestCenter How to view OSPF routes that STC learn 3681 Apr 13, 2021
FAQ19501 Spirent Network Emulator: How do you obtain the logs from a Spirent Network Emulator? 3095 Mar 10, 2021
FAQ18946 Spirent TestCenter: What is the process for Support to follow in case an obsolete hardware requires RMA? 3589 Feb 03, 2021
FAQ15414 Spirent TestCenter: How to create a Raw Stream Block in Spirent TestCenter. 6745 Feb 19, 2021
FAQ19594 Spirent TestCenter - Automation: How to check the stcapi version of the LabServer 3386 Apr 15, 2021
FAQ19611 Spirent TestCenter: How should I configure the Spirent TestCenter Application to achieve the correct Rx Download traffic rate using 3 or more ports? 3555 May 07, 2021
FAQ19541 PosApp: How many RTCM Reference Stations can be added to a scenario? 3035 Apr 12, 2021
FAQ19839 Spirent TestCenter: Why my configuration is grabbing 4 ports if I have only 2 ports on it? 1049 Jan 20, 2022
FAQ19533 Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure IPv6 Destination Header? 3010 Feb 11, 2021
FAQ19629 Spirent TestCenter: How can I create EVPN routes without using the wizard? 3104 May 27, 2021
FAQ19631 Spirent TestCenter - How to disable TestCenter IQ in a virtual LabServer (modifying stcbll.ini file)? 3185 May 27, 2021
FAQ19642 Spirent TestCenter: How to relocate configurations from LAG interface to a physical port? 2735 Jun 08, 2021
FAQ17676 GSS7000: What FPGA versions should I install with my PosApp update? 6534 Jul 17, 2022
FAQ19740 Spirent TestCenter - How to add multiple chassis to the Select Ports window? 2239 Aug 24, 2021
FAQ17193 Spirent Customer Service Center: What are the Spirent Customer Service Center Terms and Conditions for Use? 29219 Aug 02, 2022
FAQ19648 What is Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)? 2986 Aug 31, 2021
FAQ19613 Spirent TestCenter - What's the purpose of reset button in a controller 3 Spirent chassis? 3393 May 11, 2021
FAQ19901 Spirent TestCenter - AION: How to initialize an offline AION cluster in AWS using terraform module? 723 Mar 30, 2022
FAQ19913 TTworkbench: TTCN-3 - What is the difference between < omit > , < * > and < ? > ? 596 Apr 07, 2022
FAQ19736 Spirent TestCenter - RFC2544 test - What is the minimum and maximum resolution allowed in a throughput test? 2178 Aug 20, 2021
FAQ19632 Spirent TestCenter: PCEP - with Spirent as PCC initiator, is there an option so that sessions are automatically established again after DUT reboot. 3293 May 27, 2021
FAQ11956 Spirent TestCenter: How to setup maximum ALP performance configuration? 3047 Aug 27, 2021
FAQ19915 What are the different BPG states? 717 Apr 13, 2022
FAQ19966 Spirent TestCenter - Are the DX3-12-Port-QUINT speed modules supported in the SPT-N11U chassis? 458 Jun 13, 2022
FAQ19653 Spirent TestCenter: How can I establish a BPG session between a 2-Bytes ASN and a 4-Byte ASN? 3073 Jun 17, 2021
FAQ19980 Spirent TestCenter - Automation: Getting started with wifi ports 486 Jun 23, 2022
FAQ19916 Spirent TestCenter: Is it expected to have different throughput if different SMAs are selected? 666 Apr 13, 2022
FAQ19888 Spirent TestCenter Conformance: What causes "Pco-Port Mapping failed" error message? 644 Mar 20, 2022
FAQ18820 Spirent TestCenter: How can I switch to the STC standby firmware version? 1871 Jul 19, 2021
FAQ19705 Spirent TestCenter: Why I am not able to find STC License Server at the Customer Service Center? 2516 Jul 27, 2021
FAQ19714 Spirent TestCenter: Results Reporter not showing all iterations from RFC test 2515 Jul 30, 2021
FAQ18968 Spirent TestCenter: What is the supported Platforms list for Enhanced L4-7? 8318 Aug 29, 2022
FAQ10431 How can I generate sequential numbers in my Avalanche action list? 6399 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10425 How do I Stop, Start, and Get a Status on STC Live and Supporting APPS (eScout, Tomcat) 8325 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10422 What is MOS (mean opinion score)? 7602 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10165 Why is the DLS noise Generator so slow to load? 9502 May 24, 2011
FAQ10111 Does the System Controller management port (LAN1) support IPv6? 8346 May 20, 2011
FAQ10103 How many calls or subscribers can the Abacus emulate? 7013 May 20, 2011
FAQ10135 Why there's location in the detailed results screen in the graph and text but it's empty in the table view? 10640 May 24, 2011
FAQ10079 I have a test case that my media gateway is controlled by a Softswitch, which is hosted at a different computer. Is this possible? 7951 May 19, 2011
FAQ17294 Spirent iTest: Where can we find the information about iTest Openstack Session? 2574 Apr 24, 2016
FAQ10073 Do I need a patch? 6960 May 18, 2011
FAQ10400 Does Avalanche support the HyperMetrics AP card? 10013 Jun 28, 2011
FAQ10541 Spirent TestCenter: How to change the port group size on a module? 10356 Apr 27, 2015
FAQ16712 Positioning Application: Can I log NMEA truth data at a rate faster than 1Hz? 4049 May 07, 2015
FAQ14329 Spirent TestCenter: How to very ping Connectivity by using API? 4886 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ13855 Wireless LTE/CDMA products: How to debug Ping failure issue? 16989 Jun 25, 2013
FAQ13265 iTest: In iTest how to synchronize multiple threads 3268 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ14223 Spirent TestCenter: Conformance Test Suite LLDP Tc's fail 3091 Sep 10, 2013
FAQ11308 Spirent TestCenter: How do I create Real-Time Charts or Graphs in Results Browser and Configure to Change or Extend Viewing and Duration Time Settings? 33658 Sep 10, 2013
FAQ13663 Avalanche: What is FCDiscards? 3537 Sep 10, 2013
FAQ12759 iTest:How to start iTest license server automatically at windows startup? 4635 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ12288 Spirent TestCenter: How do I determine the Best Method to test Latency (FIFO, FILO, LIFO and LILO) and Jitter? 28900 Sep 16, 2013
FAQ14127 Spirent TestCenter: What is DAC cable support for CV-10G-S8 module? 3748 Aug 25, 2013
FAQ13126 Spirent TestCenter: How to test Voice QoM and see the result using Spirent TestCenter ALP? 11404 Aug 04, 2013
FAQ14006 iTest: How to download iTest Lab Optimizer diagnostic bundles from console view 3440 Aug 01, 2013
FAQ14662 Avalanche NEXT: How many C100-MP units can be used per Controller? 3397 Apr 17, 2014
FAQ16454 Spirent TestCenter-Automation:How to modify load and loadunit of streamblock when scheduling mode is Rate_Based? 5224 Feb 02, 2015
FAQ14339 Spirent TestCenter: How do I retrieve the "chassis logs" from a Spirent TestCenter test running on a Spirent TestCenter Lab Server? 7175 Sep 26, 2013
FAQ16401 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI:How to create L3_Forwarding_Link? 3779 Jan 22, 2015
FAQ13595 Avalanche: What does “arp info overwritten” in the Event Log mean? 6981 Apr 02, 2013
FAQ13589 What UTS commands are used by each of the Spirent wireless applications, such as Testdrive EVDO, TASKIT c2K, Testdrive II for data and SC? 9406 Apr 01, 2013
FAQ13538 How does the "admin restrictions" function work in REACT ? 3609 Mar 28, 2013
FAQ13385 How to troubleshoot the HLTAPI issue on Landslide? 4414 Mar 11, 2013
FAQ18008 STCLIVE Probe: How do we connect to the qscopes locally using the usb converter cable to the async port? 3163 Sep 24, 2019
FAQ13422 When set VR5 in GCM fading mode, what is the meaning of "spacing" in Antenna Settings window? 8456 Mar 15, 2013
FAQ13428 Do Spirent Test Center support OSPF Virtual Link 4530 May 05, 2013
FAQ13703 How to increase the buffer size for the console output in iTest. 3225 May 02, 2013
FAQ16604 Avalanche: Why is Avalanche online help content Blank and search doesn't show any data? 2933 Apr 13, 2015
FAQ12589 Exception of type 'DevelopmentLibraryServices.DLSException' was thrown error for LTE product 8348 Oct 18, 2012
FAQ17025 Positioning Application: What is User Defined Data(UDD)? 5342 Jul 11, 2016
FAQ13214 How to calculate drop rate or drop count per port in Spirent TestCenter? 6429 Feb 05, 2013
FAQ10525 How to check to see if Data Replication is Active/Running? 4985 Jul 10, 2011
FAQ16638 Attero: How does the "Rate" distribution with the "Misorder" impairment work and are there any limitations? 5310 Apr 07, 2015
FAQ15370 Avalanche: Do we have xml file for Botnet Attack under Attack List Database? 6738 Apr 25, 2014
FAQ16545 Avalanche: Can we copy a particular test from one project to other project ? 3504 Mar 09, 2015
FAQ12481 Landslide: How do I setup one direction data traffic in a test session? 6670 Sep 17, 2014
FAQ16526 Spirent TestCenter: I see how to create a filter on a table but why doesn’t it do anything? 4167 Mar 02, 2015
FAQ15914 Spirent TestCenter : Why are the MX-100G-F2 ports down while connecting to a 100G port in DUT? 4144 Sep 11, 2014
FAQ15939 iTest: Is it possible to call the QuickCall library procedures from topology file? 2643 Sep 11, 2014
FAQ16195 iTest: What is the use of Topology and Tested? 2709 Nov 24, 2014
FAQ14916 How does iTest Lab optimizer performs reservation for topology with multiple switches (Z- links) ? 2754 Jan 27, 2014
FAQ14887 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: Perl 5.8.8 Library for Linux OS 3439 Jan 17, 2014
FAQ14837 iTest: Analysis rules should have an associated Quality Center option under analysis rule properties 2660 Jan 05, 2014
FAQ15023 iTest : Does a new license file is required if we upgrade from iTest 4.1 or iTest 4.2 to iTest4.3 ? 3069 Mar 05, 2014
FAQ11644 How to configure LTE capable device equiped with a UICC card to run existing TestDrive II SC and Data test? 10174 Mar 26, 2012
FAQ14766 iTest: How to send some additional information to email along with the testcase summarize report? 2604 Dec 15, 2013
FAQ14875 Abacus: How do I know with Tcl automation that there are other users accessing the same system? 7208 Jan 15, 2014
FAQ11737 Abacus: I always get a Ring Cadence Mismatch error message when testing the distinctive ring feature. What should I do? 5654 Apr 18, 2012
FAQ11718 Where can I find information about testing with SmartWindow? 6835 Apr 12, 2012
FAQ15285 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: How to set scheduling mode in HLTAPI? 4178 Apr 08, 2014
FAQ10645 SpirentTestCenter: How do I load a Spirent TestCenter GUI configuration using TCL API? 107964 Jul 17, 2013
FAQ14520 Avalanche:Does Avalanche support IPv6 for PPP/PPPoE? 8596 Oct 30, 2013
FAQ14869 Spirent TestCenter: Why I see that the custom header pattern is getting reset when the frame is added with multiple custom headers? 3892 Jan 12, 2014
FAQ14977 Spirent TestCenter : Can we emulate RIPv2 and RIPng together on single emulated device? 6021 Feb 13, 2014
FAQ16625 Landslide: LNS Node - Does emulated LNS support RFC 4951? 4936 Apr 01, 2015
FAQ11711 Why is my FTP Control Connection time shorter than the FTP Data Connection Time in Avalanche? 8576 Apr 09, 2012
FAQ14900 iTest: Unable to load packets from pcap file through Wireshark session. 2322 Jan 30, 2014
FAQ14790 iTest: How to use variables in web test case? 2679 Dec 20, 2013
FAQ14985 iTest: How to substitute iTest and Spirent TestCenter variables in a single STC API command? 2659 Feb 20, 2014
FAQ13980 Creating the iTest Adapter for RQM 3411 Jul 26, 2013
FAQ11076 Could not map every antenna to a signal output 8682 Nov 13, 2011
FAQ11075 why I see the grey selection for PLTS calibration 6477 Nov 13, 2011
FAQ15508 iTest: Why the "Synchronize this topology with iTest Lab Optimizer server" is grayed out while creating a new topology? 2842 Jul 11, 2014
FAQ11276 How can I validate my Avalanche TCL script? 4330 Jan 11, 2012
FAQ10328 What are the different ways to contact Spirent Support Services? 16031 Jan 13, 2012
FAQ10159 How can I force a user off, and reserve the ports myself, using Spirent TestCenter API? 11083 Jul 28, 2011
FAQ10722 Low PESQ scores on EVRC-B loop back test compared with a test with a trans-media server between G711 and EVRC-B codec 3727 Aug 11, 2011
FAQ11042 How to get ULTS-OTA log to be checked for ETS solution 4679 Nov 03, 2011
FAQ10633 Why do I have inability to change from host to router then back to host for LLDP/DCBX and BGP - Device Device 1 on Port Port //X/X has a count greater than one in TestCenter? 12486 Jan 19, 2012
FAQ10531 How do I update the firmware on a GNSS simulator? 5270 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15504 Spirent TestCenter-Automation: How can we identify whether the perform commands has successfully triggered or not ? 4117 May 19, 2014
FAQ10899 What SIM card do I have to use for 15186 Data Throughput Performance testing? 5416 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ10477 How to send fragment by Avalanche 7804 Oct 31, 2011
FAQ12675 DLSException,PublicKeyToken=null is not marked as serializable for LTE Stress Test 6049 Oct 24, 2012
FAQ10545 Positioning Software Applications: How do I configure the host PC controller? 7589 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ10271 BRTU: Why are the cards in the BRTU shelf showing busy and when I run ‘RTRV-VRSN-EQPT’ the cards do not show up? 5294 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ16974 Spirent Velocity:Do we have any parameters to control the rotation, retention and deletion of the Velocity agent log files? 2663 Feb 02, 2016
FAQ17234 iTest: What are the supported VNC server version in iTest? 3352 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10754 How big can the IP address range be in Avalanche? 7294 Aug 21, 2011
FAQ11372 Abacus: Can I add messages like NOTIFY when using SIP signaling protocol? 5778 Feb 08, 2012
FAQ15730 Abacus: Is it possible to assign a public and a private address to an Abacus VoIP end point? 5567 Jul 16, 2014
FAQ13845 GNSS Positioning Simulator: At which point during an STR47xx power calibration is the DACS value actually stored? 3252 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15276 Spirent TestCenter: How to Resolve MAC automatically? 6025 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ11319 Avalanche: Where is the license file saved for the Avalanche Appliance chassis? 3065 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10326 Avalanche: My test runs fine from the Avalanche GUI but I am unable to run it in TCL. My TCL test will not start. 10755 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12720 Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure multiple devices/sessions for OSPF and ISIS point-to-point PTP mode on one TestCenter ports? 8479 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ16783 Tech X Flex NG: How do I Setup LAN In Line Video ON Demand scoring for the Tech X Flex? 3961 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16556 Avalanche: Why the test getting failed on 3100B? 3450 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16618 Tech X Flex : Does the TDR feature require or needs scheduled calibration? 4450 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10627 Can't get NG-100G-F2 40GigE module to link and the Tx and Rx leds are red, even though the Module's status led is green. 5035 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ13637 Can I use SimGEN scenarios with SimREPLAY / SimREPLAYplus? 5826 Jul 11, 2016
FAQ16852 Spirent TestCenter-JTAPI:How to start/stop MLD/IGMP devices? 6845 Jul 08, 2015
FAQ17271 SR5500:Why I am seeing 1,-200,"Execution error" when I switch different channel model? 3169 Mar 15, 2016
FAQ16602 Avalanche: Is there a way to load a list of URLs for a simuser to GET in the action list other than hard coding. 3935 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10853 SmartBits: How do I reset breaker on SmartBits SMB-6000C if it will not power up? 5818 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10597 Spirent TestCenter: When does Deficit Idle Count apply and how it's used to achieve accurate rates? 46124 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10886 8100 Radio Access - T-Mobile Data Throughput: What passwords do I need in order to run the T-Mobile Data Performance test suite? 7339 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ12693 I am getting an "MS origination" message in the AirAccess C2K message window followed by "a call setup failure" message right after the CMAS message is sent out. 8248 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ15676 Tech X Flex NG : How do I enable Wan remote control on the Flex? 4619 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ14447 Avalanche: Why when using VLANs and Virtual Routers I am not able to see successful transactions? 6083 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10502 Avalanche: Is it possible to use search criteria with the same prefix and postfix or to capture values that are not the first occurrence? 6213 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12692 Spirent TestCenter:Why won't my CV-10G module boot in a TestCenter chassis with 3.47 firmware? 4959 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ18481 What are the details of the Spirent name changes for STCLive, and Lumos to VisionWorks and Dialogs to Test Strategies? 5368 Jun 28, 2018
FAQ13625 Spirent TestCenter: Why does TestCenter GUI crash when I lose connection when testing over VPN, wireless, unstable network or in case of faulty hardware? 6375 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10876 I get a password error when running 2.5 G tests with the 15186 suite. What passwords do I require? 6583 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ11385 How to capture AirAccess-HS log for RLC SAP logging for 8100-UDP 6570 Jan 31, 2012
FAQ11512 How can I slow the rate which the Avalanche server sends data? 3899 Mar 02, 2012
FAQ12807 Is there any way to clear or not show the recent file created in the recent file window when you start the Spirent TestCenter GUI? 2671 Nov 27, 2012
FAQ12499 Abacus: When testing H.323 we are only seeing H.225 call control signaling, does Abacus support H.245 multimedia control signaling? 10971 May 31, 2013
FAQ13761 Why customer get the same SAPEE performance over Avalanche 3100B 1 port and 10G port? 5169 May 29, 2013
FAQ10312 Where is the quick start guide for Avalanche? 8798 Jan 26, 2012
FAQ13675 Abacus: How can I connect from a TCI3 Rear card (with a 68-contact SCSI connector) to a RJ48 connector? 4969 Jun 14, 2013
FAQ12864 Landslide: How do I configure the SGW Nodal test case to avoid “sessions not ready for handoff error” on Landslide for Mobility test activities with SGW relocation? 6531 Jun 14, 2013
FAQ13755 Avalanche: Where can I get the Avalanche performance numbers? 4104 May 28, 2013
FAQ12781 Spirent TestCenter : Why is my DRV to display Frame loss per streamblock always reporting zero? 2373 Nov 20, 2012
FAQ10733 Why is the value of IPv4 checksum always 0x0000, when I capture packets on Landslide? 5804 Oct 03, 2011
FAQ14195 Avalanche: Trying to initialize a test on SmartBits card and get "Error states: 0 or more than one Avalanche rpm found on card." 3687 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12459 How to configure random pattern with seed option in load specification to generate different random load in Avalanche. 3594 Sep 11, 2012
FAQ13040 Abacus: Where are the Abacus options / license located? Are they residing in the chassis, or the cards? 4873 Jan 21, 2013
FAQ10797 Why the mobile can not do the ICD test for PLTS-OTA? 4886 Aug 31, 2011
FAQ10794 Why TD II shows the error message: "FAILED - Primary Secondary BSC Setup: Please verify all required hardwares are available for the selected instrument configuration" 4466 Aug 31, 2011
FAQ15608 Spirent Studio Security: What sorts of test support Fault-based reruns ? 2342 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10833 How can I tell if my Spirent TestCenter Lab Server can resolve a chassis hostname? 5849 Sep 15, 2011
FAQ13224 Why does my Spirent Test Center not come up after I power it off and on ( power reset ) ? 4834 Feb 08, 2013
FAQ11493 What is the STR4500? 12086 Mar 19, 2012
FAQ13868 Spirent TestCenter: Why jitter count always be 0 when I use Spirent TestCenter API to get it? 4367 Jun 26, 2013
FAQ10765 my spt-2u or spt-2000 HS chassis will not boot, is there anything that I can try to make it boot? 4007 Aug 22, 2011
FAQ11423 Abacus: Does Abacus support negative testing on Path Confirmation? (For example: consider no Path Confirmation is successful instead of unsuccessful) 2899 Mar 15, 2012
FAQ15187 Spirent TestCenter : Why FCoE Negotiation is getting failed and device Moved into the " discovery failed " immediately. 3861 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12743 Spirent TestCenter- HLTAPI- How to create radom modifier for StreamBlock? 3881 Jun 04, 2013
FAQ12616 TDII C.S0043 test case 2.9.1 fails with "Incorrect Grant_Mode in extended channel assignment message", how to resolve it? 6576 Nov 01, 2012
FAQ12643 Abacus: My SUT is unable to detect the DTMF sent by Abacus. What can I do? 6632 Oct 26, 2012
FAQ12639 Abacus: I am trying to add a parameter using the Abacus parameter list in the Configurable SIP. However, I don't see Abacus is setting the parameter correctly. What has gone wrong? 5414 Oct 26, 2012
FAQ13144 Abacus: My management connection between the PC (GUI) and the Abacus unit is broken frequently. How could I overcome this? 5039 Jan 31, 2013
FAQ11087 Would Avalanche client check the receive window size of SYN/ACK? 8697 Feb 07, 2012
FAQ14721 iTest: Why iTest captures an up arrow instead of actual CLI command? 2354 Dec 08, 2013
FAQ12234 Abacus: My first few calls are not working, what should I do? 4064 Aug 27, 2012
FAQ10653 Why do I get Avalanche error 'WAWR_Load ...' or 'WAWR_MUX Reload failed for appliance' when starting a test? 4857 Aug 14, 2012
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