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FAQ11552 what is the required Power Consumption & rack dimensions for 8100 Racks? 11230 Mar 13, 2012
FAQ10205 Spirent TestCenter: Why do I get “ERROR - in perform: Validation failed: Generate Stream Block from pcap file 1 : No TShark is installed" when I try to generate streamblock from Wireshark capture files using TCL? 14539 Nov 05, 2013
FAQ10427 How to I backup AIX to a CD? 3536 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10421 What is MDI ( Media Delivery Index)? 3932 Jun 29, 2011
FAQ10109 Are the cards on the Abacus hot-swappable? 3778 May 20, 2011
FAQ10186 Why isn't Word Checker not restarting the WA process? 2910 May 25, 2011
FAQ10348 What does "Inconclusive" mean in the Spirent TestCenter Conformance Test Results? 6157 Jun 28, 2011
FAQ10154 What is the difference between common mode and differential mode noise? 15488 Jun 28, 2011
FAQ15339 iTest Lab Optimizer: How to use iLO Commands to retrieve and access properties within iTest? 2794 Apr 24, 2016
FAQ10240 How many FCoE nodes per port can Spirent Testcenter 1000 and 2000 serial cards support? 4991 Jun 01, 2011
FAQ10272 In STC Live T&D why are the active, passive and coordinated choices greyed out after making initial access? 2603 Jun 02, 2011
FAQ10031 How do I get an Avalanche Attack Designer license? 7456 May 05, 2011
FAQ10381 Why am I getting Invalid action code, order_status, or circuit records are missing? 4691 Jun 27, 2011
FAQ10264 Do I need to uninstall any of the versions of Avalanche I currently have installed, before I upgrade to a new version? 1760 Jun 02, 2011
FAQ10260 Which version of TCL do I use when running Avalanche on STC 3081 Jun 02, 2011
FAQ10250 How can I get sample Tests for Avalanche Layer 4 through 7? 2096 Jun 02, 2011
FAQ16726 Spirent TestCenter: Why does the 2544 test show that all iterations "failed" but the Command Sequencer shows "PASSED"? 3307 May 13, 2015
FAQ16704 Studio Performance: What is the last supported Spirent TestCenter version for Studio performance. 3382 May 05, 2015
FAQ13830 Abacus:What can be done when I forget SC password but want chassis upgraded? 1878 Jun 18, 2013
FAQ14181 Spirent TestCenter: Can I create and advertise duplicate OSPF External LSAs on a same port? 3477 Sep 16, 2013
FAQ14308 Avalanche: How to increase FTP bandwidth? 17730 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ14192 REACT, TINT: Why is there several files called 'equipment_code.dat' in different locations on a REACT and TINT install. 4673 Sep 05, 2013
FAQ13242 iTest: In iTest how to access same device in parallel 1725 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ14251 Avalanche: How do you set the MTU size in Avalanche? 4066 Sep 16, 2013
FAQ14135 iTest: How to use the files with extension .itar in iTest? 2543 Aug 26, 2013
FAQ14323 iTest: How to restore database dump into iTest Lab Optimizer (iLO) 1878 Sep 25, 2013
FAQ14103 Abacus::SIP-TCP: I don't see the tcp appearing in the transport tag in the Contact Header. What is the problem? 3184 Aug 20, 2013
FAQ14051 Spirent TestCenter: What is Attempted connections and Active Connections in FTP result view table? 3013 Aug 12, 2013
FAQ14309 Spirent TestCenter: How to get information of advertised and received BGP IPv4/IPv6 routes? 16694 Sep 23, 2013
FAQ14029 iTest: Scheduling execution of iTest Testcases and Testsuites through IBM-Rational Quality Manager. 1808 Aug 06, 2013
FAQ14002 Spirent TestCenter: Why do we sometimes get avgLatency 0 by using API? 2800 Jul 31, 2013
FAQ16459 VR5: How to set propagation condition in DEE template? 3392 Feb 04, 2015
FAQ14349 Spirent TestCenter: Test modules are not displayed after Chassis is successfully connected 2909 Sep 27, 2013
FAQ16318 Landslide: What is maximum amount of fragments per IPv4 or IPv6 packet what Landslide can send in UL and DL direction? 2686 Dec 29, 2014
FAQ16505 Positioning Application and SimCHAN: Why is my Galileo CW power 3dB's more than the E1 CBOC open service code level power? 4849 Jul 11, 2016
FAQ16017 iTest: Does iTest License Server support for Windows Server 2012 Operating System? 1662 Dec 20, 2014
FAQ13582 How to adjust the speed of testcase execution in iTest? 1816 Mar 28, 2013
FAQ13481 Spirent Testcenter - Why does Expected Rx Frame Count always greater than actual Rx Frame Count in N*N multicast test? 4814 Mar 28, 2013
FAQ13468 How do I set up Juniper Packet slicing in STCLive T&D? 3675 Mar 25, 2013
FAQ13448 I'm using one gig port in Avalanche 3100B and I'm using the whole available memory size. How can I extend avalanche memory pool size for my tests with large content files ? 2181 Mar 20, 2013
FAQ16283 Landslide:Does MME node Supports "association restart " procedure as defined in RFC4960 section ? 3265 Dec 15, 2014
FAQ11584 How to set log and results path of Spirent Testcenter? 1741 Mar 11, 2013
FAQ13349 Spirent TestCenter : Can we use STC DHCPV6 server to lease addresses to an actual client like Windows 7 machine? 2844 Mar 04, 2013
FAQ13421 How to use killThread in iTest test-case. 1757 Mar 15, 2013
FAQ15380 Landslide: SGW Nodal- What is the meaning of warning message "Network Devices - Enable SGi Node [SgiNodeEn=false], set to default value" and how to set PGW SGi Node 4462 Apr 23, 2014
FAQ14539 Avalanche: Does the Avalanche generate checksum for DNS on UDP frames? 3128 Nov 01, 2013
FAQ15863 Avalanche Next: How to calculate the number of IP addresses are necessary to run a given HTTP Open Connections test. 2478 Dec 09, 2014
FAQ13344 Topology view changed in iTest 4.2.1 1978 Jul 11, 2013
FAQ15992 Avalanche: Is VLAN TAG Increment supported on IPSEC? 4275 Sep 29, 2014
FAQ13017 On Spirent TestCenter (STC) Why the RX frame count is larger than the TX on port counter and Stream result is equal. 2521 Dec 30, 2012
FAQ13000 How to configure the Avalanche so 1 user sends 1 request at a time, next user comes in and sends next request, and so on? 3912 Dec 28, 2012
FAQ12890 How to send out an OTASP/OTAPA message with AirAccess C2K ? 5462 Dec 16, 2012
FAQ13213 I am playing with Bulk delay setting of the VR5 and noticed that the minimum value is 5 usec. Is there any reason for restricting this value to 5 usec? More importantly, is there a workaround to get me the smaller delay I want? 5963 Feb 05, 2013
FAQ10434 What is the difference between pushing the stop button once or twice in the Avalanche Commander? 3151 Jul 13, 2011
FAQ12433 Spirent TestCenter: Why is IMIX adding extra four bytes when testing with devices that have VLAN? 7308 Dec 03, 2014
FAQ13902 Spirent TestCenter: Automation- What are the objects used to configure LDP LSPs? 4334 Jul 08, 2013
FAQ15987 iTest Lab Optimizer: Do we have an option to delete or hide the cancelled reservations in iLO Calendar 2104 Oct 08, 2014
FAQ13338 iTest: How to install iTest on RHEL 64bit machine. 3582 Sep 26, 2014
FAQ16638 Attero: How does the "Rate" distribution with the "Misorder" impairment work and are there any limitations? 3070 Apr 07, 2015
FAQ11626 What is the maximum pcap file size supported in Spirent TestCenter replay feature? 5135 Dec 12, 2012
FAQ13251 How to configure Wireshark preferences so to parce "200 OK" message in HTTP responses from Landslide? 7525 Feb 12, 2013
FAQ12968 How to count specific packets without "Signature" in the Spirent TestCenter GUI? 3728 Dec 27, 2012
FAQ13246 Are per port Avalanche test results available or only merged? 2166 Feb 11, 2013
FAQ16125 Spirent TestCenter-JTAPI:How to create IPv6 Raw stream with router alert option set? 4184 Nov 03, 2014
FAQ16546 Avalanche:Is there is any way to do live packet capture ? 2255 Mar 09, 2015
FAQ14519 Avalanche: Automation - Where can I get debug log when use run Avalanche new API at linux? 2501 Mar 02, 2015
FAQ13754 Spirent TestCenter: How does one configure rate adjustment based on individual StreamBlocks or Ports in the RFC 2544 Asymmetric Throughput test? 5159 Feb 11, 2015
FAQ12758 How to save the STC results via iTest STC CLI session? 2487 Feb 10, 2013
FAQ16272 iTest: When do we need to select column width while creating a table response map to determine column boundaries? 1778 Dec 11, 2014
FAQ16237 iTest: What are the features that were implemented in iTest 4.4 compare to 4.3.1. 1722 Dec 10, 2014
FAQ16468 Spirent Testcenter-HLTAPI:How to retrieve the IP Address of the DHCP device after binding? 5054 Feb 08, 2015
FAQ13233 Where can I find the 7.5 Avalanche software for my legacy hardware? 2790 Feb 08, 2013
FAQ15914 Spirent TestCenter : Why are the MX-100G-F2 ports down while connecting to a 100G port in DUT? 3189 Sep 11, 2014
FAQ13073 How to get Spirent TestCenter to display Dynamic Results View (DRV) results in Results Reporter? 1910 Jan 10, 2013
FAQ12897 How to change UE's R-UIM(NV only) configuration so that cell phone can run Test Drive II cases or perform CDMA SC or Data test without a UIM card. 7021 Dec 16, 2012
FAQ12736 Abacus: Does Abacus support Window 2008 Server? 3817 Nov 27, 2012
FAQ12710 Abacus: I would like to use alphanumeric in defining the alias in a H.323 test. But I got an error from the system. What should I do? 4590 Nov 27, 2012
FAQ11186 Landslide - How to disable Dell's iDRAC6 feature for Landslide server 1637 Jan 28, 2013
FAQ14916 How does iTest Lab optimizer performs reservation for topology with multiple switches (Z- links) ? 1933 Jan 27, 2014
FAQ14909 Avalanche: does Avalanche SSL support version 3 X.509 certificates? 1861 Jan 24, 2014
FAQ11614 How many modes does a wireless 3G/4G capable smart phone use to connect with laptop? 7812 Mar 26, 2012
FAQ11750 Unable to connect to the Spirent TestCenter Chassis using Spirent Test Expert due to an error “unable to connect to the Spirent TestCenter Equipment. Spirent TestCenter Library file not found” 5213 Apr 19, 2012
FAQ11582 How can I solve error message ' run time error 381: Subscript out of range' when run TestDrive EV-DO for EVDO Rev A test ? 4038 Mar 20, 2012
FAQ14530 Spirent TestCenter: How to setup results for external devices? 5169 Oct 31, 2013
FAQ14491 iTest: Does iTest support IPV6 device testing? 1697 Oct 23, 2013
FAQ13815 Spirent TestCenter : How to control the rate of DHCP discover messages? 4627 Dec 31, 2013
FAQ13608 Spirent TestCenter: How can BGP emulate peering with DUT using loopback addresses? 5012 Dec 31, 2013
FAQ14739 iTest:Error "java.sql.SQLException: A lock could not be obtained within the time requested" 2221 Jan 31, 2014
FAQ11540 My Avalanche SSL server.pem file has expired. Where can I find an updated server.pem file? 4048 Mar 08, 2012
FAQ15285 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: How to set scheduling mode in HLTAPI? 2886 Apr 08, 2014
FAQ14481 iTest: Can we use analysis rule as if block ? 1665 Oct 21, 2013
FAQ11303 Avalanche: How to upgrade or downgrade an Avalanche Appliance e.g. 290, 2900, 3100, C100? 9308 Feb 06, 2014
FAQ10645 SpirentTestCenter: How do I load a Spirent TestCenter GUI configuration using TCL API? 102761 Jul 17, 2013
FAQ14182 iTest: Steps to Upgrade iTest Lab Optimizer(iLO) and iTest Team Essentials(iTE) in VMs 2885 Jan 22, 2014
FAQ14866 Abacus: I am unable to generate the same kind of report after I upgrade from Software Release 4.10 to 6.21. What is the probable cause? 5121 Jan 10, 2014
FAQ13414 How do I recover a 7502 or 7502 when Getting "No Sensor Data" error when run REPT-DIAG command . Also there is no chassis Serial Number in the output of the RTRV-VRSN-EQPT command on STCLive 7502 or 7506 probe. 5418 Feb 27, 2014
FAQ16621 Spirent TestCenter- What does DUT IP address mean while configuring RSVP? 3262 Mar 31, 2015
FAQ13994 iTest : What is License Borrowing and what is the use of this feature? 1770 Jul 30, 2013
FAQ13993 iTest : How to borrow a license and how to return a borrowed license? 2265 Jul 30, 2013
FAQ13935 Avalanche: Is there a setting to shrink the size of the PCAP capture to capture only headers verses whole packets? 1719 Jul 16, 2013
FAQ10166 Landslide: How do I upgrade a Landslide Test Server and Test suite using coast_W.X.Y.Z.tsu and COAST.W.X.Y.Z.ste files? 2594 Jul 15, 2013
FAQ14486 Abacus: What is the maximum call length Abacus can make? 3115 Oct 30, 2013
FAQ13714 Spirent TestCenter : Can two emulated devices communicate with each other via the chassis backplane? 1887 Jan 07, 2014
FAQ14960 Spirent TestCenter: How to see all Available/Reserved ports in GUI when reserving? 1569 Feb 10, 2014
FAQ14999 Spirent Knowledge Base: How does the search engine process searches? 6839 Feb 19, 2014
FAQ14970 iTest: What does license fulfill count mean under License Activation? 2265 Feb 11, 2014
FAQ11647 Can we download license file into chassis by using SpirentTestCenter API? 3936 Mar 26, 2012
FAQ11464 Avalanche: Why can't I override an Avalanche port reservation? Option is grey / unavailable. 2084 Jul 15, 2013
FAQ13974 iTest: How to connect JDSU ANT-20 device from iTest VNC session? 2329 Jul 25, 2013
FAQ13928 Landslide: UMTS - UE sends TCP SYN to the Local Network Host but the Local Network Host doesn't respond with SYN ACK on the secondary context ? 9315 Jul 12, 2013
FAQ13382 Avalanche: Where are the log files located? 1935 Jan 06, 2014
FAQ13605 Spirent TestCenter: When running traffic with DX module traffic rate is way less, however, working fine with CV module port. Why? 3983 Jun 30, 2014
FAQ13603 Where can I find information about the Galileo PRN sequences used by the GNSS simulator? 3173 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ11300 How to manually upgrade SR3420 firmware for TestDrive-LTS? 8798 Jan 15, 2012
FAQ15518 Landslide: MME Nodal - Which Cell ID values should be set when Macro Type is selected as eNodeB ID? 4130 May 22, 2014
FAQ10214 I am planning to test my devices with Abacus on Fax and Modem over VoIP. What specific areas do I need to pay attention to? 7704 Aug 11, 2011
FAQ11064 How to restore default image on the client laptop 7810 Nov 09, 2011
FAQ11051 For eHRPD testing, I am using the W004 UICC card supported by Verizon. Why am I failing Um PPP authentication? 2767 Nov 06, 2011
FAQ10869 Is there a way to have a range of MAC addresses for an Avalanche Threat? 5076 Sep 30, 2011
FAQ11202 Avalanche: Can I use 1G and 10G interfaces simultaneously on a 3100B Avalanche appliance? 1190 Feb 07, 2018
FAQ10531 How do I update the firmware on a GNSS simulator? 3900 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15537 Spirent iTest: Do we need to open iTestGUI to run the scheduled jobs through iTestRT? 2419 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ17189 Spirent TestCenter : Why Auto-negotiation gets disabled when optic is removed? 1630 Feb 04, 2016
FAQ12734 How to configure LG Revolution (VS910) device work in LTE/eHRPD wireless network? 16520 Nov 06, 2012
FAQ12727 Why TDII shows error "FAILED - Wireless Channel Emulator Configuration. Value out of range" at the beginning of the test? 7241 Nov 04, 2012
FAQ12674 How do I configure Wifi Offload Nodal test case on Landslide for the UE to send the DHCP release message when the test is stopped? 3152 Oct 24, 2012
FAQ13803 Positioning Application: Are there remote commands available to control BeiDou signals? 2878 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ10364 Positioning Application: What is the format of the GPS legacy navigation data binary dump file? 4878 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ16194 TECH-X Flex: When power up the module do not have choice for DSL. Module powers up to the 10/100 menu. Why is there no DSL choice? 2810 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ13767 Spirent TestCenter : Is it mandatory to connect the Serial cable while using GPS? 2895 May 31, 2013
FAQ12832 ERROR on E2010S control panel for LTE RA v4.6.0 release 12301 May 26, 2013
FAQ11120 Why is Avalanche reporting, "Program Error thrown by Start: IPsecSA::Start- it's wrong to call this for responder side!" 5436 Nov 29, 2011
FAQ13760 Spirent TestCenter and Avalanche: How do I find the version that is running on my Spirent TestCenter (STC) chassis from the command line? 2113 Feb 03, 2016
FAQ11352 Abacus: How to configure multiple Proxies in Abacus? 3198 Feb 08, 2012
FAQ13806 GNSS Positioning Simulator: What is the affect on the RF signal if my simulator fails calibration for "Carrier Breakthrough"? 3445 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ12157 Positioning Application: What is the PosApp_engine.exe ? 3117 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ10544 How do I configure a new set of RAID disks for my SDS server? 2562 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ11065 How to get SMLC log file from TestDrive-LTS ? 3433 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ13988 Positioning Application: Why does the Power Levels Graph dropdown selection for frequency not change the Power Adjustment display reference level value? 2880 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ12268 Avalanche: What could cause the Avalanche Appliance to abort with the error "startServers" failed to start Server process on unit 0" or "startClients: failed to start Client process on unit 0"? 3615 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10282 Avalanche: What is the total time my test will run? 3408 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10265 Avalanche: Why do I see failed connections at the end of my test run? 2173 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16306 Avalanche: What is the difference between C1 BASE license policy when compares to 290/3100B/C100. 2326 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12404 Spirent TestCenter: For RFC tests, how am I notified if one of the ports is offline or down and will the test still run? 7773 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ17132 Spirent iTest: What is the usage of "llength" in iTest? 2131 Dec 08, 2015
FAQ12213 Spirent TestCenter: What TestCenter cards or modules support 'Per Stream Latency'? 2468 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ16557 Avalanche: Can we set the bit rate at client side and how it works? 2424 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16919 Landslide: How to interpret Message Lost counters when packet discard feature is enabled and ICMP DMF is used? 3127 Aug 04, 2015
FAQ16618 Tech X Flex : Does the TDR feature require or needs scheduled calibration? 2690 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12421 SimCHAN: Does SimCHAN work with Windows 7? 12786 Jul 11, 2016
FAQ13978 SimCHAN: GSS6300M: Can the GSS6300M be used for AWGN and GPS Time Assistance Tests? 2661 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12023 Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure a filter using the analyzer and capture functions? 7496 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ17630 TTworkbench: What is the difference between "record of" and "set of" in TTCN-3? 1219 Jul 04, 2018
FAQ16846 Spirent TestCenter:Does JTAPI support DHCPv6/PD server emulation? 4741 Jul 08, 2015
FAQ16823 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI:Does HLTAPI support GRE encapsulation and L2GreTunnelLink? 2626 Jul 07, 2015
FAQ14507 Spirent TestCenter: is there currently support GBASE-X 1.25 Gig data on 1 gigabit port phy? 8399 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ13981 Spirent TestCenter: is it possible to run random load or rate on C1 10G chassis with NIC-27? 3002 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10853 SmartBits: How do I reset breaker on SmartBits SMB-6000C if it will not power up? 4210 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10625 Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure 1 Gigabit Copper to Auto-MDI/MDIX and Flow Control using the TestCenter MII Registers Advanced and use in the Command Sequencer? 8685 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10886 8100 Radio Access - T-Mobile Data Throughput: What passwords do I need in order to run the T-Mobile Data Performance test suite? 5111 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ12695 I have entered the correct password in eAirAccess v1.4.0 but the old ASA date is showing and I can not remove the new password. 7572 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ16998 Avalanche: Does Avalanche SAPEE support SCTP protocol. 1974 Sep 23, 2015
FAQ13228 SimCHAN: What version of SimCHAN should I use with my simulator? 6655 Oct 27, 2015
FAQ15676 Tech X Flex NG : How do I enable Wan remote control on the Flex? 3203 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ13698 Spirent TestCenter: How is the StreamBlock Frame Editor Modifier Mask used in TestCenter? 3442 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ13656 Spirent TestCenter: What is scalability of BPK-1004A routers or devices with the Unicast Routing Base Package A/B on TestCenter 1000 and 2000 series card? 7522 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ13600 SpirentTestCenter: How to activate l2l3 (stc) package from l4l7 (Avalanche) and vice-versa using Spirent TestCenter L4-7 Avalanche Application? 2572 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10884 8100 Radio Access: 17545 Voice Quality test suite - I get a password error when running test cases. What passwords do I need? 4370 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ10876 I get a password error when running 2.5 G tests with the 15186 suite. What passwords do I require? 4608 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ12703 Abacus: How to construct an analog protocol to support wink start signaling on an terminating exchange? 6373 Nov 28, 2012
FAQ10941 Does Avalanche support multi-authentication for 802.1x? 5614 Oct 19, 2011
FAQ11115 Abacus: I have multiple Abacus ACTION (.act) and SCRIPT (.scp) files; can I merge like file types so I have access to all my actions and scripts at the same time? 8587 May 31, 2013
FAQ11256 Abacus: How do I configure SIP Supplementary Services to send traffic out different physical interfaces even though channels are sequential? 6272 May 31, 2013
FAQ12485 Abacus: I am trying to run a test with voice pattern matching. But I got an error when I start the test, saying that I need an option. What should I do? 2632 Oct 26, 2012
FAQ11419 Why are there two versions of Avalanche 3.90 (3.90.2236 and 3.90.2246) which one should I use? 1799 Feb 09, 2012
FAQ13156 Avalanche unit fails to boot up 1863 Jan 24, 2013
FAQ10312 Where is the quick start guide for Avalanche? 6192 Jan 26, 2012
FAQ13677 Abacus: How do I configure a system for PESQ testing? 4558 Jun 14, 2013
FAQ12864 Landslide: How do I configure the SGW Nodal test case to avoid “sessions not ready for handoff error” on Landslide for Mobility test activities with SGW relocation? 4972 Jun 14, 2013
FAQ12887 Does Spirent TestCenter support EOAM DMM & DMR Delay Measurement Pings? 5574 Dec 14, 2012
FAQ16200 Spirent Studio Performance: Is there a way to shorten the run time of an Audit test? 2179 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16181 Spirent Studio Security: what is Denial-of-Service (DoS)? 2362 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ10313 Spirent TestCenter: When I load my configuration, arbitrary ports show gray in GUI and the physical Xenpak link LED is red. 4514 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ13151 Why can't I connect to a SmartBits chassis from Windows 7? I get an error message “Unable to find the SmartBits at the specified address" 5867 Jan 21, 2013
FAQ10803 How do I configure the Client Network Requirements for Landslide? 2551 Sep 02, 2011
FAQ10795 How to avoid call drop for EVDO Rev.B RF testing 4545 Aug 31, 2011
FAQ13879 In iTest, how to set up an external test report database server for your entire team? 2222 Jun 28, 2013
FAQ11863 Spirent TestCenter Automation: Why do I get the error "Can't load '/opt/Spirent_x.xx/Spirent_TestCenter_x.xx_enter_Application_Linux//' wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"? 4410 Jun 27, 2013
FAQ16141 Studio Security: What is an instrumentation packet? 1784 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ11849 Can we use “source mac address from physical interface” with any cards on Spirent TestCenter test ? 2080 Dec 11, 2012
FAQ12868 How to monitor the Spirent TestCenter multicast stream results independently? 4930 Dec 10, 2012
FAQ11414 How can I solve error message ' Incomplete- Data Call Failure For DUN ' when run TestDrive II ? 3045 Feb 08, 2012
FAQ12739 Avalanche Commander can't add Avalanche appliance? 2543 Nov 07, 2012
FAQ10769 Can Abacus capture QoM sound files during 'no path confirm' failures? 15763 Sep 22, 2011
FAQ10820 Can calls be made between channels on the same A100 port? (i.e. Channels 1-25, port 1) 8568 Sep 22, 2011
FAQ10833 How can I tell if my Spirent TestCenter Lab Server can resolve a chassis hostname? 4409 Sep 15, 2011
FAQ11583 How to verify the Spirent Testcenter frame size? 2602 Mar 20, 2012
FAQ13751 Spirent TestCenter: Can I create broadcast (level 2) with only MAC addresses and VLAN ID ? 3395 Jun 26, 2013
FAQ13790 How to execute the iTest testcases created using multiple IxOS versions in parallel? 2066 Jun 05, 2013
FAQ12834 Spirent TestCenter : How to save all result rows from multiple result pages in GUI at once to a single CSV file? 1819 Dec 02, 2012
FAQ12721 Error message when saving attacks with Avalanche Attack Designer 4841 Nov 01, 2012
FAQ12609 Abacus: What are the power supplies input for a 13-slot chassis? 2615 Oct 26, 2012
FAQ19032 Spirent TestCenter: How can I enable 8x8 Spatial Streams on Spirent TestCenter? 750 Feb 05, 2020
FAQ10053 How do I change the location where my Avalanche projects/tests are saved? 3147 Aug 03, 2012
FAQ10280 What are the comm port settings for the console port of a SmartBits SMB-6000C, SMB-6000B, SMB-600B or SMB-600 chassis? 1750 Jan 13, 2012
FAQ11178 What options should I need to do user plane testing for TASKIT-PLTS 5431 Dec 13, 2011
FAQ15464 Avalanche: When the port is disabled/shutdown on a Router or DUT, why the port status show Available/Reserve by User? 2341 May 13, 2014
FAQ11418 Why ARP is not resolved when I ran SGW Nodal test case on LSonSTC (version 10.381)? 4007 Aug 02, 2012
FAQ12545 Our 8960 is showing 8960 showing "uncelebrated due to temperature”. Can I ran 1x or EVDO RF testing when this is displayed on the GUI? 4053 Sep 28, 2012
FAQ12327 How do I zip one or more files for emails or attachments? 7162 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ12152 How to create Video Quality Analyze test with Spirent TestCenter? 6397 Jul 03, 2012
FAQ12603 How do I create a SimREPLAY/SimREPLAYplus scenario using SimGEN? 5245 Jul 30, 2014
FAQ11848 8100 Radio Access Testing - Data Throughput test pack / at&t 15186: I get a .NET error 'Property channel could not be accessed|Channel index is greater...' 4392 May 09, 2012
FAQ11699 How to get Abacus SC IP address? 3552 Apr 04, 2012
FAQ11117 Why the connection between STC and PC will get lost after long time testing. 3747 Nov 29, 2011
FAQ11080 What is SIP Scripting (based on the available option for the ICG3 card)? 4574 Jan 05, 2012
FAQ11163 Does Abacus discard packets with bad checksum? 10846 Jan 05, 2012
FAQ14652 Avalanche: Why I still get error "Project name '' is not valid" after rename the project and import fail? 2870 Nov 21, 2013
FAQ12530 How to configure proxy IP and port settings for an Avalanche test against a Proxy 2957 Sep 27, 2012
FAQ11612 What’s the difference between “Sync with DUT” button and “Run” button in Spirent Testcenter CTS when using IUT automation feature? 5299 Mar 22, 2012
FAQ11609 How to edit configuration and user action commands in Spirent Testcenter CTS when using IUT automation feature? 5323 Mar 22, 2012
FAQ11611 Which commands will be executed when I click “Sync with DUT” button in Spirent Testcenter CTS when using IUT automation feature? 5344 Mar 22, 2012
FAQ11167 Abacus: I am unable to ping my Abacus anymore, any suggestion? 1742 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ10870 Aabcus: Does Abacus support sending of SUBSCRIBE message and BLF over SIP protocol? 3744 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ12286 How to change the Abacus channels in the Set by API 2715 Jul 19, 2012
FAQ11923 8100 Radio Access: Which Agilent power supply models are supported by Test Manager? 5651 May 29, 2012
FAQ12605 Why do my Avalanche VLAN Tags not turn off when I select the VLAN option from the Avalanche GUI 1632 Oct 10, 2012
FAQ16447 iTest: Is it possible to analyze the ping output, while it is running continuously in iTest command prompt session? 1648 Jun 18, 2015
FAQ11791 How can I use the Spirent TestCenter Application and Avalanche L4-7 Commander application on different ports of the same card? 3153 May 02, 2012
FAQ11668 How to add login variables in the Spirent TestCenter Conformance (CTS) GUI in the IUT Automation section? 3066 Mar 29, 2012
FAQ12380 Abacus - Analog Line Signaling: How does Abacus know the calling side has hung up so that it can release the call? 3693 Aug 27, 2012
FAQ10219 Abacus: Does Abacus support multiple proxies on SIP protocol? If so, how? 3856 Aug 06, 2012
FAQ12261 How do I address the error when logging into a TAS version 10.0.1 or earlier with a Tcl API 10.5.0 or later on Landslide? 3320 Jul 18, 2012
FAQ12042 Is there a way in Avalanche to get statistical standard deviation of the response time beyond the low, high and average response time? 5050 Jun 25, 2012
FAQ11506 What SSL certificate format does the Avalanche support? 5073 Apr 23, 2012
FAQ11325 How do I query the state of a DMF in Landslide TCL, i.e. is it in paused or resume state? 5297 Jan 18, 2012
FAQ10749 I am unable to reserve any ports on Avalanche VM after upgrading the VMware ESXi server. 4401 Jan 18, 2012
FAQ11318 Why do I always see 50% performance if I ran GPRS Mobility test on Landslide? 6498 Jan 18, 2012
FAQ10981 User has defined the vlan part of the interface, Gi6/0.112 to Gi6/0.125 as the same that is in our test resources. Is it necessary for the user to define sub-interfaces? 2509 Oct 24, 2011
FAQ11772 Positioning Application: Where can I download GLONASS Almanacs or a GLONASS RINEX files? 5976 Aug 15, 2014
FAQ11706 Spirent TestCenter: What is the part number for a Spirent TestCenter 11U power supply? 1829 Sep 09, 2014
FAQ15929 Landslide : 12.5 new feature - TAS - Added support to allow SUT auto configure provided the SUT Name matches for Source and Destination. 2494 Sep 08, 2014
FAQ13365 Why the Aux sessions can't establish in ehrpd test on Landslide? 4647 Mar 07, 2013
FAQ11402 Spirent TestCenter- (GUI and Automation): Unable to reserve any ports and apply the configuration due to an ERROR:“The current test package: stc with version X.XX.XXXX is not supported. Please upgrade the test package: stc to version X.XX.XXXX” 8897 Aug 19, 2014
FAQ15588 Avalanche Next: How to synchronize the scenarios in the library? 1986 Jun 09, 2014
FAQ15582 Landslide: Does IPv6 configuration supported for the traffic ports in GGSN node and nodal test case . 2090 Jun 09, 2014
FAQ14787 Spirent TestCenter: Why meet error "adding: bll.dmp.log (deflated 60%)" when load Spirent TestCenter package? 3008 Dec 18, 2013
FAQ14655 VR5: Why my DEE file is not playing after click the play 3578 Feb 07, 2014
FAQ15877 Attero: Is there a way to configure a filter for multiple IP addresses (e.g., a subnet, range or list of addresses)? 2801 Sep 05, 2014
FAQ10798 How do I capture a GNSS simulator log file? 1575 Aug 21, 2014
FAQ10813 What is the timing of NMEA messages output on the RS232 COM port? 4400 Aug 21, 2014
FAQ15990 Wireless TDII: throw exception "Failed to load the Test Packs from the Registry", how to resolve? 6548 Sep 28, 2014
FAQ15975 iTest: Does iTest4.4 support "switch" statement? 1710 Sep 25, 2014
FAQ14929 Spirent TestCenter: Why is Spirent TestCenter giving me an ERROR message “Stream block (StreamBlock Name): Invalid input parameters: No more available fast stream indexes.” 4108 Sep 25, 2014
FAQ12626 When do leap seconds occur? 7995 Aug 17, 2014
FAQ13907 Spirent Customer Service Center and Knowledge Base: What is the timeout of my sign-in session on the CSC? 5920 Jan 09, 2019
FAQ14950 Spirent TestCenter : Where can I set the intervals and rates for DHCP messages? 3361 Feb 05, 2014
FAQ10204 How do I submit a Service Request (SR) with Spirent Communications, Service Assurance Broadband (SAB)? 2628 Mar 15, 2013
FAQ10857 In PosApp (SimGEN) what is the g-sensitivity feature for and how do I use it? 4265 Aug 21, 2014
FAQ13405 Why do I see the session is established and the counts of Rx/Tx data packets in the report even though the port is down on Landslide? 3635 Mar 13, 2013
FAQ11399 Spirent TestCenter: Unable to install the Spirent TestCenter TCL automation execution file due to the Error “ The Spirent TestCenter Application or Spirent Conformance Application must be Installed” 12380 Jul 15, 2014
FAQ13778 iTest: How to retrieve required statistics of Avalanche Test from Avalanche NTAF getstat command ? 3057 Jul 07, 2013
FAQ14124 Abacus:How to set test duration on Abacus? 5231 Jan 01, 2014
FAQ12627 What is the difference between "running tests with iTest and config.tcl" and "running tests with iTest and TCL test files" ? 2418 Feb 18, 2013
FAQ15603 iTest: When do we get "(lmgrd) Got Message from Unknown Vendor Daemon : spirentd - ignoring" when starting the iTest license server? 2690 Jun 12, 2014
FAQ13841 Spirent TestCenter: HLTAPI version t4.22- How do we load the previously saved configuration as xml? 5728 Jul 03, 2013
FAQ11764 Avalanche: Multiple instances of Avalanche Commander GUI on a single PC - Fatal Error Avalanche cannot be started as there is other ABL instance running 4679 Jul 03, 2013
FAQ14625 iTest :How iTest captures an arrow mark as a response for a CLI command ? 25838 Nov 17, 2013
FAQ13077 Why do I receive error of "unable to download master license file" when attempt firmware update of Tech-X Flex? 7270 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ10617 How do I set the cable delay compensation value for cPacket cVu 120g? 2917 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ14134 Wireless LTE/CDMA products: If ping fails, how can I know it's UE issue or system issue? 12376 Aug 26, 2013
FAQ14114 iTest: How to create an array from a table response? 1778 Aug 22, 2013
FAQ14098 Landslide: How do I generate a DMF of FTP upload? 5435 Sep 23, 2013
FAQ14046 TestCenter: How do I verify and change the default results Reporter location? 5560 Aug 12, 2013
FAQ11263 My GSS6700 did not respond as expected when using the GET command 2487 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ13748 Why did the STC GUI lockup when I tried to downgrade my SPT-C1 4x1GE (STC only) appliance. 3103 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ11448 Spirent TestCenter: Where do I find link status events on test ports? 2960 Jun 01, 2020
FAQ14015 Studio Performance: is there a list for all the attack tests? 2337 Aug 02, 2013
FAQ14566 iTest Lab Optimizer: Can iLO create/discover resources automatically for Spirent equipments in Lab ? 1958 Nov 05, 2013
FAQ14298 iTest Lab Optimizer: Does the iLO utilization page represents the utilization information in Graphical fashion ? 1648 Nov 05, 2013
FAQ14579 Abacus: I have no problem in running tests on my 2 Abacus Systems separately. However, when I try to run tests on these 2 systems from the same GUI simultaneously, I am unable to do that. What is the problem? 3402 Nov 07, 2013
FAQ15402 BRTU, 6700: I have a 6700 with an SCU card that has old firmware, how do I get it upgraded when it is async only? 2150 Feb 15, 2016
FAQ10059 Avalanche: Can the cookie jar on the client/profiles tab be configured to send more than 1 cookie per request? 5843 Dec 09, 2013
FAQ10519 Avalanche: My license is installed correctly on the Spirent TestCenter. Why does the Avalanche Commander report a license error message when reserving a port, error: Reserve failed for ports x slot x at xx.xx.xx.xx? 5784 Oct 21, 2013
FAQ14475 Spirent TestCenter: Does Spirent controller push flows one by one or all together? 2290 Feb 09, 2016
FAQ14336 Spirent TestCenter: Is there an ability to add a sum row in any of the result windows on the GUI? 1532 Sep 28, 2013
FAQ14581 iTest: How to avoid auto generation of queries for the response in a test case? 1641 Nov 07, 2013
FAQ14456 iTest: How to overcome “browser zoom“ level issue while replying selenium testcases using Interent Explorer. 3508 Oct 17, 2013
FAQ14592 iTest : What is the difference between contain extractor of type regex and regex extractor in analysis rules? 1781 Nov 10, 2013
FAQ11915 Spirent TestCenter: Unable to launch Spirent Testcenter Result Reporter in windows 7 64 bit system 3965 Nov 11, 2013
FAQ11586 Spirent TestCenter : What is the standard boot time and in what conditions it may vary? 1669 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ10629 Abacus : Is the qop value should be quoted in Abacus SIP Register message? 4636 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ10485 Abacus : Can the Abacus ICG3D card do both Voice and Fax on the same test? 1992 Feb 10, 2016
FAQ14160 iTest: How to open xml file as test case in iTest? 1671 Oct 13, 2013
FAQ14427 iTest: How to search and replace a string in iTest. 1883 Oct 11, 2013
FAQ14412 iTest: Does iTestCLI use the runtime licenses or enterprise license? 1884 Oct 10, 2013
FAQ14408 iTest: How to monitor the usage of the iTest licenses? 1622 Oct 10, 2013
FAQ13931 Spirent TestCenter: Does EDM Test Module support BFD with Multi-Protocol Sessions (Control Plane Dependent)? 5073 Jul 15, 2013
FAQ15904 Positioning Application: Why do I see about 2 dB's less power in dual box mode? 3436 Feb 11, 2016
FAQ17044 Positioning Application: How does PosApp allocate channels in a Land Mobile Multipath scenario? 3137 Dec 01, 2015
FAQ17013 SimGEN: How can I turn off individual frequencies on or off whilst a scenario is running, for example keep L1 on but turn L2 off? 2283 Dec 03, 2015
FAQ16781 VR5:What options are needed for RC+CE MIMO-OTA solution? 3045 Jun 09, 2015
FAQ16776 VR5: Why I see Failed to configure Ensemble Operation? 2804 Jun 07, 2015
FAQ14956 iTest: How to use Parametrs (from a Testbed file) to open a device in an Open Step? 1735 Mar 16, 2014
FAQ15070 iTest Lab Optimizer: Where to enable Check-in Option for User Group? 2166 Mar 04, 2014
FAQ16250 iTest Lab Optimizer: What are the supported web browsers for iLO 2.0? 2040 Dec 05, 2014
FAQ16379 Avalanche: Why real-time results not saved for the long test run for 48 hours? 1615 Jan 19, 2015
FAQ10832 Spirent TestCenter:How do you set the IP address of the DNS on a Spirent TestCenter Lab Server? 5776 Aug 05, 2015
FAQ13696 iTest: How to do response mapping when one parent has multiple children in tabular format 1687 Aug 04, 2015
FAQ15167 MIMO-OTA: Unstable when use LAN communications via NI VISA 4251 Mar 20, 2014
FAQ11190 Spirent TestCenter: RSVP-TE Tunnels would not come up when DUT is HE and STC is TE. 5757 Nov 18, 2015
FAQ10342 I installed the STC DVD into my PC w/XP and from the splash screen I tried to install an application. Instead of getting the option to Run/Save/Cancel, I only get Save/Cancel. Why is this? 1971 Aug 03, 2011
FAQ12849 Spirent TestCenter : Why are IGMP Control traffic p-bit changes not taken over on Spirent TestCenter ? 5596 Mar 12, 2014
FAQ16357 VR5: Which topologies are supported on 8 LO Units for VR5? 2754 Jan 12, 2015
FAQ15186 iTest: Need to make HP Quality Center validations optional when execute test cases from iTestRT(iTest Run Time) 1974 Mar 24, 2014
FAQ15010 iTest:What environment variables are required to execute Avalanche-generated Tcl test scripts in pass-through mode from iTest? 2132 Feb 24, 2014
FAQ10636 How to enable RFC2833 in Abacus? 1438 Jul 29, 2011
FAQ16433 Landslide: MME Nodal - Can emulated SGW include Change Reporting Action information in Create Session Response message? 3890 Jan 28, 2015
FAQ16368 iTest: Does iTest support to execute shell commands? 1805 Jan 27, 2015
FAQ16233 iTest: Does iTest share the memory if we use two versions of iTest in a single PC? 1837 Dec 02, 2014
FAQ17067 Spirent TestCenter: Does Spirent TestCenter's DHCPv6-PD server send ADVERTISE messages with the status code NoAddrAvail or NoPrefixAvail if its pool has run out of addresses/prefixes? 5279 Oct 22, 2015
FAQ10369 STCLive Probe: What settings should be used to communicate to the craft port of the STC Live Probes 6500, 7500, 7500C, 7521, 7531, 7541, 7502, 7506, Qscope 5500, 5500A. 5899 Mar 17, 2014
FAQ17136 Avalanche: What is the syntax for requesting Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options? 1875 Aug 30, 2016
FAQ15018 Avalanche: Number of Transactions on the GUI are less than recorded in the pcap file when using Adaptive Streaming. 4713 Feb 20, 2014
FAQ15016 iTest : How to make iTest to wait and get the complete response of a command if the device response is slow ? 2047 Feb 20, 2014
FAQ16260 iTest: Does iTest capture the Open & Close steps in iTest Selenium session? 1627 Dec 08, 2014
FAQ16211 Avalanche: Why ESMTP is not working Back to Back? 3017 Nov 26, 2014
FAQ16311 Avalanche: Why Avalanche results show different time for Client Summary & Attack Results for the same test? 1396 Dec 29, 2014
FAQ16838 Spirent TestCenter-JTAPI: Does JTAPI have any API to modify existing streamblocks? 2271 Jul 06, 2015
FAQ11575 Positioning Application: Why do I get 'Inconsistent Bulk Logging and HW update rates -- Logging not enabled' in PosApp (SimGEN/SimREPLAY/SimREPLAYplus) 2307 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ13302 Spirent TestCenter: Why am I getting the error message "missing valid "0001_Packet_GEN_ANALYZER_BPK_A""when I hit apply using TestCenter Virtual (STCv)? 5058 Apr 09, 2015
FAQ13375 iTest - How to publish test reports to HPQC which are executed from iTestCLI or iTestRT? 2159 May 25, 2014
FAQ14378 STR4500: Can I set my unit to run without a PC being connected? 1722 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ16520 iTest: What is the usage of foreach loop in iTest? 2114 Feb 27, 2015
FAQ10375 What is the UIC code on a VMS Workstation? 1964 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ13932 Positioning Application: Is FileZilla required to be installed to run PosApp? 1957 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15519 Abacus: What does Clear Channel do on T1/E1? Does it support RFC 4040? 5421 May 22, 2014
FAQ11462 Why Spirent TestCenter Virtual (STCv) VM ports do not come up after setting for a Port Group Size of 4? 3371 May 21, 2014
FAQ14371 Spirent TestCenter: How do I retrieve chassis and port logs using TCL 3556 May 06, 2014
FAQ16565 Avalanche: Is incoming traffic(kbps) of avalanche results a statistic of l2 l3 and l4 or l7? 1622 Mar 12, 2015
FAQ15575 Positioning Application, SimCHAN: Why is the GLONASS reference power level -131dBm when GPS reference power level is -130dBm? 3747 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ17002 Spirent TestCenter :How to generate Random Mac address when using RFC 2889 Tests? 3918 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ16254 Spirent TestCenter :How to configure Multiple Vtep ports at the same time using VXLAN wizard 3643 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ14164 Spirent TestCenter: Is it possible to manually start a group of commands in the command sequencer? 1502 Apr 03, 2014
FAQ10300 Avalanche: How to setup a HTTPS/SSL test with certificate authentication on the Avalanche Commander? CA certificate, client and server certificates provided 17353 Apr 22, 2015
FAQ13607 Spirent TestCenter : What does "Tunnel information not resolved" (Yellow status) mean on stream block level when MPLS is used? 6420 May 15, 2014
FAQ15477 Landslide: PCRF Node - How to change the number of subscribers in "Execute Rules" command in sequencer mode 2313 May 14, 2014
FAQ15414 Spirent TestCenter: How to create a Raw Stream Block in Spirent TestCenter. 4355 May 01, 2014
FAQ10333 What is the IP address of my GSS8000 simulator? 1978 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ13753 Positioning Application: Can I use land mobile multipath with remote vehicles ? 1676 Jul 29, 2014
FAQ16667 Spirent TestCenter : Not able to change from IGMPv3 to IGMPv2 or vice versa. 3577 Feb 16, 2016
FAQ12441 How to connect Studio 8000 for performance test 1115 Oct 19, 2012
FAQ12599 How can I change the Block configuration code for a satellites Nav Data in PosApp? 1750 Jul 28, 2014
FAQ15383 Landslide: What is data traffic flow behavior at the time of handover. 3362 Apr 30, 2014
FAQ12114 Can the 8100-A304 be configured with only one SR5500? 6131 Jun 29, 2012
FAQ12368 Is it possible to do a intra-MME S1 handover with the MME Nodal test case on Landslide? 4769 Aug 10, 2012
FAQ17262 Spirent TestCenter:Does L1 GUI works simultaneously when we are using L1 GUI and sending traffic as well? 1362 Mar 10, 2016
FAQ12076 What is the difference between open and established in IPSec Tunnels panel when using Avalanche to test IPSec? 1343 Jun 27, 2012
FAQ12066 How can we reproduce customer's HLTAPI script? 2986 Jun 26, 2012
FAQ17343 Spirent TestCenter: Why Spirent PCE is sending a PCUpd for a PCInitiate packet right after a PCRpt is received? 2166 Apr 14, 2016
FAQ15386 Spirent TestCenter: Can we add more MPLS VPN labels into bound streams? 9783 Apr 24, 2014
FAQ12271 Why do I see 'WARNING: WR side realtime statistics may exceed memory limitation! Only the first xxxxxxx seconds can be collected' in my Avalanche event log? 1671 Aug 01, 2012
FAQ17258 VR5:Why I see Microsoft .Net error when power on VR5? 1818 Mar 09, 2016
FAQ13590 Spirent TestCenter : Do we support EEE (802.3az - Energy Efficient Ethernet) specific TLVs for LLDP? 5812 Oct 16, 2014
FAQ14206 Spirent TestCenter: Can the Spirent TestCenter online Help file be opened without opening the application? 3270 Apr 20, 2016
FAQ13313 Spirent TestCenter: How can I create MPLS static labels in Spirent TestCenter? 10265 Mar 14, 2016
FAQ12005 8100 Radio Access: My calibration wizard shows me the wrong picture of my rack setup 5920 Jun 15, 2012
FAQ11214 What Avalanche release supports ABR ( Adaptive Bit Rate) 2740 Jun 10, 2012
FAQ11975 Why Abacus reports "No Dial Tone" error even if we can detect it with real phone? 3616 Jun 07, 2012
FAQ16176 Spirent TestCenter-Automation:How to create a Raw Stream Block with L2TP header using JAVA API's 5146 Nov 18, 2014
FAQ16156 Avalanche: SAPPE appears Broken on C100MP " Stream with id '0' is not found for playlist 1771 Nov 14, 2014
FAQ12435 TDII throws exception "Wireless CE Fatal Error: Firmware version incompatible with this version of API", how to resolve this issue? 5789 Sep 02, 2012
FAQ12416 Why TDII C.S0094 test case 1.3, 2.3, 3.3 are failing with reason "Fail to receive SMS message by AN..."? 4651 Aug 28, 2012
FAQ11967 Username in double byte will cause Avalanche failed to link to STC chassis. 3543 Jun 06, 2012
FAQ16031 Avalanche Virtual: Why does my IPv6 test between client and server fail right away on Esxi vSwitches? The Neighbor Solicitation and Router Solicitation do not reach other client/server side. 1707 Oct 08, 2014
FAQ12128 Which port do one uses to enter AT commands on a UE through a hyperterminal? 6136 Jun 29, 2012
FAQ11940 When adding a new switch in STCLive PM, how does the application choose which db spaces to place the new tables for the switch (5m 1hr 1day)? 3494 Jun 01, 2012
FAQ17311 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI: Do we a feature to select the OSPF topology as tree? 2563 Mar 31, 2016
FAQ17657 Spirent TestCenter: What does "Current Limit" means on the slot-10 psu? 1792 Sep 12, 2016
FAQ12123 I am seeing this error when running TASKIT PLTS, Value out of range, Valid range is -110 to -30, Parameter name: SR5500_ChanOutputLVl. What does this mean? 3378 Jun 29, 2012
FAQ11931 What is the unit of measurement for “Negative Offset Peak” in PTP “Clock Sync Results”? 5746 May 31, 2012
FAQ17781 Spirent TestCenter: How to simulate a link flap that is less than 1 second in duration? 2791 Nov 17, 2016
FAQ18054 SpirentWebTest,SpirentWebPM: Can I run RFC2544 dialog without specifying the Service CIR? 2590 Aug 03, 2017
FAQ11842 Positioning simulators: What is a "mid-range" GNSS simulator? 12975 Dec 12, 2016
FAQ16705 C50r Controller: How can I check the BIOS version on my C50r Controller? 2916 Jul 04, 2016
FAQ17662 Spirent TestCenter : Getting Error in RFC 3918 "Minimum Group Count is less than the number of available Multicast Group Blocks" while starting the command sequencer. 2047 Sep 14, 2016
FAQ17664 Spirent iTest : Getting an error as unhandled loop exception while checkout the projects from SVN repository. 1731 Sep 15, 2016
FAQ17466 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI:Does HLTAPI support the options to configure EOAM options(Like AIS Period,CC Period etc)? 2281 Jul 06, 2016
FAQ17467 Spirent TestCenter-HLTAPI:How to increate the number of captured frames using packet_stats when format is Var? 2495 Jul 06, 2016
FAQ18706 Spirent TestCenter: How to change "postgres" user password on PostgreSQL if I forgot it? 3022 Apr 30, 2019
FAQ11713 Spirent TestCenter :When using Generate streamblock , we get error:No TCL is installed. Please install TCL or specify the installation in stcbll.ini 11272 Jul 08, 2016
FAQ16354 Positioning Application: Can I run the GPS L1C/A Nav data extract utility from the command line 3508 Jul 11, 2016
FAQ17088 SimCHAN: Can SimCHAN start running automatically when opened? AutoSTART 3186 Jul 12, 2016
FAQ18384 Spirent TestCenter: What is the difference between Step and Burst Mode? 2646 Apr 23, 2018
FAQ17610 Spirent TestCenter: Do we support auto-binding of LDP/MPLS VPN labels dynamically? 2894 Aug 18, 2016
FAQ17363 VR5:Why I can't get IP address after downgrade from v3.32 to v3.2x release? 1663 May 02, 2016
FAQ17652 Spirent TestCenter Virtual : Getting error "max allowable group is 8" while creating more then 8 port groups in STCa for more number of ports. 1371 Sep 08, 2016
FAQ11564 Spirent TestCenter: How does Spirent TestCenter determine if a chassis is licensed for a newer version or if the license expired? 4436 Jul 26, 2016
FAQ17368 Spirent Velocity: What are the MRV versions that officially supported on the Velocity MRV driver? 1582 May 04, 2016
FAQ17456 Spirent TestCenter: Global option to limit IGMP/MLD joins 2150 Jun 30, 2016
FAQ17721 Spirent TestCenter : Getting error "failed to connect to the license server" when I try to reserve the port from GUI 2967 Oct 11, 2016
FAQ17412 Spirent TestCenter: Is there any way to automatically release all ports after crash? 1167 Jun 05, 2016
FAQ18278 Positioning Application: Land Mobile Multipath (LMM) model reference paper 2758 Feb 08, 2018
FAQ17673 Spirent TestCenter: How to configure RFC test with 1 Byte increment of frame size? 1902 Sep 20, 2016
FAQ17379 Avalanche: Does the MX2 module support Avalanche? 1764 Sep 25, 2016
FAQ17747 Spirent Velocity: Why do we get "TclParseException" when running certain tests over Velocity agent as a service? 1539 Oct 26, 2016
FAQ17054 Spirent TestCenter: Questions when setting the port speed on the MX2-10G-Sx or the FX2-10G-Sx? 4034 Jun 07, 2016
FAQ17715 Spirent TestCenter : How to add IPv6 next header in IPv6 stream? 1629 Oct 07, 2016
FAQ17504 TTworkbench: How to use automatic import statement? 1309 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ17521 TTworkbench: How to run ant build in command line? 1305 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ18245 Landslide: MME Nodal- How many IPSec SA CHILD we can configure over single IPSec connection. 2205 Jan 15, 2018
FAQ17937 Spirent TestCenter: Where can I find sample Automation Scripts for CTS Conformance. 2785 Apr 11, 2017
FAQ13820 Positioning Application: Where can I download a Galileo almanac for use with PosApp? 5507 Jan 22, 2018
FAQ19133 Spirent TestCenter: How to obtain debug logs on Spirent TestCenter Application? 520 Apr 16, 2020
FAQ17552 TTworkbench: How to run Java in command line using TTmanClient and TTworkbench? 1575 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ17545 TTworkbench: How to run the Fuzzing example using TTworkbench? 1440 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ17532 TTworkbench: How to install a TTplugin on TTworkbench? 1302 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ11906 Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure RFC 2544 test using TestCenter? 17232 Apr 17, 2018
FAQ18577 TTworkbench: Where to find the documentation for Codec Generator/Generation? 1068 Nov 11, 2018
FAQ18606 Spirent iTest: How to download the license server for iTest 7.2? 2510 Nov 20, 2018
FAQ16869 SimCHAN: Can I insert a leap second event in SimCHAN? 3901 Mar 16, 2017
FAQ18184 VR5:What are the supported RPI command for IQ playback feature? 2265 Nov 26, 2017
FAQ14008 MIMO-OTA:Where to copy .env file to on fader? 3998 Jan 17, 2018
FAQ18164 Spirent TestCenter: GUI loses connection to chassis after some time. 2548 Nov 14, 2017
FAQ17597 TTworkbench: Why is it not possible to execute all test cases of test suites within the evaluation phase of the product? 1736 Mar 21, 2017
FAQ18326 GSS9000: I have two GSS9000s can I move feature from one unit to another? 1624 Mar 08, 2018
FAQ10907 Spirent TestCenter: Can the BGP routes advertised by Emulated router pingable from DUT? 6569 Jun 13, 2018
FAQ18386 Spirent TestCenter: Automation - How to add Spirent Lab server name in YAML file? 2016 Apr 24, 2018
FAQ18514 Spirent TestCenter: Why Wifi clients association could possibly fail after repeated attempts? 1933 Aug 03, 2018
FAQ18602 Landslide: Why the Bearer QoS Bit Rate setting is grayed out on PGW node? 1803 Nov 15, 2018
FAQ17999 GSS6700: Can I switch channels on and off at 1 second rate? 1933 Jun 28, 2017
FAQ12403 Spirent TestCenter: How to migrate/relocate a Spirent TestCenter configuration from one chassis to another? 3670 Oct 04, 2018
FAQ18302 Paragon: How to check if a license is required for a specific feature? 2011 Feb 22, 2018
FAQ18055 Lumos / STCLive 7561 Probe: Why does REPT-DIAG fail with "FAIL - FAILED LOOPBACK TEST" on some 7561 probe? 1853 Feb 23, 2018
FAQ15915 Avalanche-Automation: How to change load during test using TclAPI ? 2961 Dec 06, 2017
FAQ18027 Spirent TestCenter: Is SNMP client featurue available on TestCenter? 3121 Jul 11, 2017
FAQ18048 Vertex: Why is Crest Factor critical for Higher Order Modulation Tests? 2800 Dec 12, 2017
FAQ11573 How to locate serial number for Spirent Testcenter chassis & test modules 3706 Jul 12, 2017
FAQ13510 Umetrix Voice: How do Narrowband and Wideband MOS Results Relate to Each Other? 2810 May 13, 2019
FAQ13542 Umetrix Data: What is the Target value in the Umetrix Data PC Test-Set Results window? 2025 May 13, 2019
FAQ13569 Umetrix Data: What Does the 95% Confidence Interval Statistic Mean? 6648 May 13, 2019
FAQ13576 Umetrix Data: While out field testing, how can I ensure that my results are being uploaded successfully to Umetrix Database? 8157 May 13, 2019
FAQ13757 Umetrix Voice: How do HD cables differ from NB cables? 4467 May 13, 2019
FAQ18541 TTworkbench: How to increase the priority of the TE process? 3506 Feb 04, 2019
FAQ18764 Positioning Application: How can i cancel out 2 satellite signals in PosApp? 1842 Mar 28, 2019
FAQ18575 TTworkbench: How to get test case list of a project/TTsuite? 1293 Nov 11, 2018
FAQ17616 TTworkbench: How to convert a string to octet string in TTCN-3? 1669 Nov 11, 2018
FAQ18625 Spirent iTest: How to update iTestRT 7.2 and Velocity-Agent 7.2 using iTest update site? 1843 Dec 06, 2018
FAQ14440 Informix: How do I give a user ability to connect to database and run queries? 2038 Dec 17, 2018
FAQ19208 Spirent TestCenter: Is Spirent have any line card to support QSFP56 optics and cable? 567 May 18, 2020
FAQ19216 Spirent TestCenter: How can I stop advertising BGP routes without sending withdraw messages on STC? 592 May 20, 2020
FAQ18977 Spirent TestCenter: How to display more than 25 records per page in the "Stream Block Results" view? 1117 Dec 04, 2019
FAQ18580 Spirent TestCenter, Avalanche and CyberFlood: Are there any concerns over malicious microchips embedded on motherboards? 2037 Oct 18, 2018
FAQ18591 TTworkbench: How to solve the issue "License invalid, please contact support for further assistance." 2020 Nov 04, 2018
FAQ19056 Spirent TestCenter: What is the SMA to port mapping for the 802.11ax version 2 modules and appliances? 963 Feb 25, 2020
FAQ10495 Spirent TestCenter : Does the DX or DX2 support analyzer filters/filtered stream results? 5451 Jul 02, 2019
FAQ18804 Landslide: Can a TS be deployed remotely from a TAS? 1542 Apr 28, 2019
FAQ18873 Spirent TestCenter: each GA version release date. 1798 Mar 30, 2020
FAQ12184 Spirent TestCenter: How do I locate or find and identify the TestCenter chassis, controller, card or module serial number? 16133 Oct 05, 2018
FAQ18561 GNSS simulators, Positioning Application: What is the UN-R144 specification and how can I test my device against it? 3150 Oct 02, 2018
FAQ17535 TTworkbench: How to install TTworkbench on Windows/Linux? 1913 Jun 20, 2019
FAQ16524 Spirent TestCenter : How to scale a configuration that uses the multiple DHCPv6 IANA/IAPD feature? 971 Nov 06, 2019
FAQ19099 Spirent TestCenter: How to configure VLANs on Spirent TestCenter Application? 777 Mar 30, 2020
FAQ19103 Spirent TestCenter: Is it possible to run an RFC2544 throughput test on STC for IPSec? 779 Apr 01, 2020
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