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Velocity Virtual Testbed Orchestration Example Instructions: Hello World! and Test Scripts

Velocity provides easy-to-use, self-service, virtual testbed orchestration with integrated test execution.  This makes it convenient for users to build virtual topologies, run test cases against them, and see results all in a single browser window.  See this 3-minute video to see how Velocity manages virtual testbeds:

The example instructions have been provided here for your ease of reference (download the attached zip and iTAR files).

The Spirent APT Script Manifest file describes the JSON data model and attributes of the manifest file (velocity_manifest.json) that controls execution behaviors and visibility of the (Python, BASH, Batch, Poweshell) scripts that are brought into Velocity.
Download the example project with sample scripts and manifest file from the Spirent developer site:

Note: Use the file downloaded from teh developer site in conjunction with the attached APT Script Manifest file.
Attachment Description
Zip file: VelocityVirtual Examples (Testcase and Testbed Instructions Inside)

Attachment Description
iTAR file: Velocity_Hello_World_Test_Script

Attachment Description
PDF: Spirent APT Script Manifest File

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