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Spirent TestCenter (STC): What TCP ports are used to communicate between the PC with Spirent TestCenter, TestCemter IQ, chassis & Lab Server?

  • PC with Spirent TestCenter
  • TestCenter IQ
  • Chassis
  • Lab Server



The Spirent TestCenter application uses TCP (and I believe the same UDP) port numbers. 

  • The chassis (including C1) will begin listening on 40004. 
  • Additional port ranges:
    • 4.69:  49152 – 60598
    • 4.70 and later: 49152 – 62667  ( this includes all the latest third party ports we exposed for Avalanche and Landslide applications)
    • 4.97 and later: add port range 9200 - 9299 to support TestCenter IQ
  • Chassis firmware downloads use port 1666 (use Authentication mode to lockdown this port if required by your IT dept)

The Spirent TestCenter Lab Server TCP port numbers. 

  • The Lab Server will begin listening on 40006. 
  • The Lab Server also requires FTP TCP ports 21 & 20
  • Then a port number for each user connecting to the chassis via the lab server will get the next incremented port number (i.e., starting at 40007).
  • Lab server FTP TCP port range 40100-45100

Product : Chassis,LabServer,Spirent TestCenter