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CyberFlood: Create CyberFlood account without an email client

  • Create a user on Cyberflood controller where the workstation does not have access to email client or internet is not possible, the Cyberflood create user function will fail.
  • CF running 19.1.0
The CyberFlood create user account function calls the mailto: tag
Normally this is set to an Outlook client or web mail such as Gmail, for user’s without either on their workstation, the CyberFlood create user function will fail.
  • For this procedure you will use the FireFox browser to handle the mailto: tag
  • If you do not have FireFox installed on your workstation, it can be downloaded offline at:
  • On your CyberFlood controller disable SMTP from the System Manager -> SMTP settings
  • First configure the “mailto” application.
  • From the FireFox browser, select the Options (windows) or Preferences (macOS)
  • Next scroll down to the Applications section
  • In the Applications section, select “mailto” and once the new dialog opens, select “FireFox” as your application.
  • Once selected it should show “User other/Always ask
  • From the CyberFlood User Management page, create the new user account.
  • Once the user account is created you should get a Account Created confirmation
  • Then the FireFox  “Launch Application” window should open.
  • Click on the Choose button navigate to the FireFox , do not select Gmail or other mail clients
  • Once your application is selected, click on the “Open link” button
  • Next CyberFlood will open FireFox with a mailto: URL that contains the credentials of the user account.
  • The last 7 characters in the URL, highlighted in yellow here, is the password for the CyberFlood user account you previously created.
  • Use this password the first time the new user logs in
  • The first time you login with this account, you will be prompted to change the password

  • Cyberflood controller needs mail client on the workstation to send the password to the user.

Product : CyberFlood