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Spirent TestCenter: Why does TestCenterIQ show a dash for some counters?


Some counters on TestCenterIQ are showing as a dash, what does this mean?

  • Spirent TestCenterIQ
  • Enhanced results
  • Supported counters
  • NoT supported counters

What it means is that particular counter is not supported by either the Counter Mode or the test module being used (or both).  
  • Take a look at the following KB article for supported counters: SOL11740 - Spirent TestCenter: How to find the supported result counters for a specific Module?
In general, a dash on TestCenterIQ should indicate the counter is NOT supported.  If there is no dash, the counter is either supported or derived from equations using other, supported counters.

enlightenedNOTE: You may find some counters that are NOT listed under "Supported Counters" on the GUI, however, TestCenterIQ is showing them as a supported. Some counters are derived counters, which means there are the result of equations using other counters that are supported.  So they will not show as unsupported
Root Cause
  • Not supported counter by either the Counter Mode or the test module being used (or both).

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Results Reporter