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Spirent Testcenter: Getting a timeout message when running Enhanced L47 test. Timeout of 300000ms exceeded


This issue has been seen either in STCv and with a physical module (MX2-10G) card
  • Details of issue when using MX2-10G
  • An MX2-10G card has been set to STC-EL47 profile successfully, however, when running Enhanced L47 test it will eventually fails to start showing an error message saying:
Failed to start test
timeout of 300000ms exceeded
After that, the MX2 module gets into a faulty state, and the ports you were using for the test remains "Reserved" by you forever, there is no way to take the ports from that sate, if you try to force the user off, the GUI will get stuck in 50%.

If you kill the GUI when that 50% stuck issue, the ports sometimes becomes "unavailable" and after some time they will show again "Reserved by:____".

The only way to recover the module is either rebooting it or rebooting the whole chassis.

We have tried an MX2-1G and is working fine, same with an FX2-10G-S8. Them both are working just fine.

It looks like the BLL gets stuck in:
fmwk.bll.core.equip - Received error response: seq 1251, msgr test module 8 port group 2, req Enhancedl47_1.EnhancedL47RequestStateNotification, code 2, faultMsg failed to find message set Enhancedl47_1
Still waiting for msg(Enhancedl47_1.ConfigureEnhancedL47) seq(1250) msgr(port // response after 5 sec
  • STC 5.11
  • STC-EL47 profile
  • MX2-10G-S8
  • MX2-10G-S16
  • Timeout

Steps to reproduce:
  • All you need to do is try to run a simple back-to-back test using MX2-10G card in STC-EL47 profile either on 5.10 or 5.11 release
  • If the issue is seen with STCv, first of all, you may want to make sure STCv prerequisites for EL4-7 are met, STCv should have at least 2 CPU cores and 4G RAM to run correctly. 
  • Regarding the MX2 issue:
    • Fixed in 5.14 release and above
    • CR-01454835 
      • Subject: 5.11 - MX2-10G cards (either S4 and S16 models) show a "Time Out" issue while running Enhanced L47 app, and the module gets into a faulty state
      • Date Time Opened: 7/30/2020
      • Date Time Closed: 1/13/2021
      • Status: DECLINED
      • Target Release: Fixed in 5.14 release

Product : Spirent TestCenter,MX2