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CloudSure - K8S_LS_HPA: LandSlide counter display is inconsistent.


K8S_LS_HPA:  I added a new chart for LandSlide Failure Chart (displaying LandSlide error counters) and LandSlide Discovery message counts. Landslide iterates through multiple LandSlide tests. Either the counters go back to zero after each test completes or they continue with the previous test results. Unfortunately, the counter values are between. This does not make sense at all. The counter should drop to zero and not to a value between.

See image attachment as reference.

  • CloudSure
  • K8S_LS_HPA
  • CloudSure 22.05.3822

<under investigation>
  • CR-01546416 
Root Cause

<under investigation>

Product : Spirent TestCenter,CloudSure