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Reducing the Complexity of 5G Testing | RF Channel Emulation Advancements


Spirent is excited to share some key advancements in testing wireless channel propagation scenarios for both today’s, and tomorrow’s, complex 5G network technologies. 

Vertex, the world’s most scalable channel emulator, now supports 1GHz+ channel bandwidths for use in testing 5G millimeter wave propagation scenarios. Additionally, Vertex channel density has increased four-fold, now supporting up to 256 digital channels per instrument, to more easily facilitate testing the high antenna counts necessary for 5G massive MIMO beamforming and mesh networks.

We’ve also introduced a new Advanced Channel Modeling software tool that streamlines design and implementation of sophisticated 3D channel models for early system simulations, prototyping and real-world testing in the lab. Simply design, view, build and play via a user-friendly graphical user interface that abstracts the typical complexity of channel model generation.

Please reach out to us so we can share some additional context on the advancements and new capabilities.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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