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GNSS Positioning Simulators and Record and Playback System: Accredited Calibration to ISO17025:2017

  • Spirent are delighted to announce that ISO17025:2017 accreditation has been extended to our UK facility.  
  • Accredited calibrations are offered on:
    1. GSS9000
    2. GSS7000
    3. GSS6700
    4. GSS6300
    5. GSS6450
  • All new GSS9000, GSS7000 and GSS6450 units will be shipped with an accredited calibration to the ISO17025:2017 standard.
  • Applicable products which are sent to the UK repair centre for repair or upgrade will be returned to the customer with an accredited calibration.
  • Spirent are also delighted to offer an annual re-calibration service at our UK test and repair centre.
  • For more information, please contact, or speak to your local sales representative.

Product : Positioning,PT-Other Simulators,PT-GSS7000,GSS6450,PT-GSS9000