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Announcing Spirent Landslide 20.4 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Landslide Release:
Standalone Non-Public Networks
Private networks have been around for a long time. However, they are getting renewed attention as enterprises rush to capitalize on the promise of 5G for their industry specific needs. While 3GPP based private networks have always enjoyed carrier grade security and privacy, with 5G come the added benefits of ultra-low latency, massive connectivity, scalability, reliability, and high bandwidth. 3GPP R16 introduces the concept of SNPN (Standalone Non-Public Networks) as one of two deployment models for private networks. As the name suggests, these networks are isolated from public networks and operated by someone other than the public network operator. There is however an option to integrate with the public network. With 20.4, Landslide introduces the ability to test SNPN functionality. The AMF Nodal application has been enhanced with this licensed feature.

Landslide 20.4 adds SEPP (Security Edge Protection Proxy) support with the ability to test and emulate this Nodal Function that sits at the edge of 5G networks, securing the interconnection between them. Landslide 20.4 continues to build out 3GPP R16 support with updates to SMF Nodal/Node test cases. Landslide 20.4 continues to expand 5G testing capabilities with the introduction of other key features such as:
  • mTLS support
  • 5GMM Cause Codes
  • AMF Negative Testing
Release 20.4
Key New Features SEPP Test & Emulation: Ability to test the Security Edge Protection Proxy by emulating the hSEPP or vSEPP over N32-c interface
3GPP R16: December, 2020 R16 support added to SMF Nodal, SMF Node and AMF Node applications for N11 interface. AMF Node/Nodal updated to July, 2020 R16 spec for supported Security messages and procedures.

AMF Negative Testing: Ability to test the AMF with adverse scenarios such as duplicate or malformed messages, collisions, etc.

5GMM Cause Codes: Support displaying the 5GMM cause codes in the test results (Measurement Report) for AMF Nodal / AMF Node / N3IWF Node / SMF Nodal / SMF Node to facilitate troubleshooting and RCA

mTLS: Support for mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) on CHF and SMF interfaces to NRF
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Software Availability The latest Landslide software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > Landslide

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for this software version.
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