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Announcing Spirent Velocity 9.2 Release

PRODUCT UPDATE                                                                                                                                        
Velocity Release: 9.2

Velocity 9.2 represents another significant evolution in test automation development and execution. The 9.2 release is the product of Spirent’s commitment to making highly automated dynamic test environments a reality through ease of use and predictable control and integration. Today, more than ever before, test automation must be fast to develop and highly integrated with continuous test ecosystems. Download 9.2 today and take advantage of the industry's most powerful platform for communications test and verification. 
Release 9.2
Velocity New Features Integration with AWS CodeCommit:
  • Extends the GIT source control management feature for customers who have deployed on AWS
  • Velocity repository service can now synchronize its automation content with AWS code commit
  • Define SCM repositories as usual, and with the click of a button, it is synchronized with AWS’ managed Git service
Grouped Parameters for Python Automation​:
  • Group/expand/collapse input parameters for Python executions, improving the organization in the UI and the overall user experience
  • Users can find and manage their automation parameters faster and with less error
  • 9.2 improvements promote a more intuitive way to manage and execute automation
Resource Management Triggered Tasks:
  • Allows Velocity resources to be synchronized with external asset management systems
  • Integrates Velocity resources with external asset management systems
  • Logs changes to resources over time to troubleshoot problems in resource management
Shared/Exclusive Settings in Topology​:
  • Configure each resource utilization (shared or exclusive) on an individual basis within the topology itself
  • Users don’t need to set the resource utilization type for each resource because the topology creator sets the choices in advance to avoid mistakes
Abstract Language Enhancements:
  • Users can now define abstract resources in Velocity with richer specifications, allowing better resource sharing in test environments
  • Validate and troubleshoot topologies by specifying resource name in conditio
  • Expands the functionality of abstract resource definitions by allowing any resource with certain tags to be eligible for selection
 iTest New Features Improved Velocity Reservation UI:
  • Quickly make topology reservations from topology editor within in the iTest GUI
  • Reservations view comes immediately into focus so that reservations can be easily monitored
  • More intuitive workflow for managing reservations in Velocity
Console Log Timestamps:
  • Console logs have new, optional timestamps which makes it faster to debug and determine root cause analysis of failures
  • Enables faster debugging and root cause analysis
  • Multi-platform support
Python Support for writeFile:
  • Quickly write valuable information straight into files with easy-to-use commands in the iTest GUI
  • Easier integration for Python enabled iTest scripts
  • This enhancement is a low code automation way to manage text files using iTest when Python is set as the interpreter
Quick Insert Velocity Commands:
  • Quickly insert Velocity commands into the editor
  • Context sensitive insert controls
  • Encourages best practices and eases adoption of Velocity integration with iTest
Support for macOS Monterey:
  • Easier for test engineers to create automation straight from their laptops, avoiding having to manage additional workstations to create automation
  • Added support running iTest on macOS Monterey version on both Intel and M1 processors
  • Overall better compatibility
Product Webpage
Software Availability The latest Velocity software can be downloaded from the CSC via the Download tab by selecting: General Release > iTest/Velocity

Associated technical documentation, including release notes, can also be found under the Related Resources link for that software version.

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